Meet The Team

The Team

Peter, Ecaterina, Jacob, Georg

Our core team consists of:

Jacob Moth, Ecaterina Moth, Georg Stolpe and Peter Hviid.

In addition to these immensely experienced people, we also have one faciltator and 2-3 experienced helpers assisting.

Jacob Moth (1967)

Jacob Moth was born in 1967.

Jacob has more than 30 years of experience dealing with various technologies of the sacred. He has received training from various mentors and masters of these technologies including Stanislav Grof, Terence Mckenna, Michael Barnet, Art Reade, and danish pioneers Klaus Gormsen, Jørgen Lumbye, Torben Blond and more.

He has written a book named ‘Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly – an Inner Journey’.

In the preface to the book, Dr. Stanislav Grof wrote: ‘...The honesty with which the author reports all the promises and pitfalls encountered by the dedicated “psychonaut” makes this book a must for all those who have decided to undertake the adventure of self-discovery and to seek deep inner psychospiritual transformation.''

The book reaches a total of 674 pages. While many numerous books describe excerpts of inner journeys, this is entirely unique as it is the first to describe all the aspects of a psychonaut’s journey extending over 20 years.

Every page of this book is enriched by Jacob´s artwork illustrating the contents of sessions, dreams, and spontaneous visions. The book is available in several formats, hardcover, PDF, Kindle, and audiobook ( 22 hours) and can also be obtained at the ceremonies.

Ecaterina Moth (1978)


Ecaterina Moth is a spiritual guide, facilitator, singer and healer. She is the co-creator of The Magic Garden - a place that is created to support people on their adventure of self-discovery. 

Ecaterina was born in Moldova in 1978. She started singing and went to a music school from the age of 5, where she studied piano, music history, singing. At the age of 16, she was admitted to the Music Conservatory in Chisinåu, as the youngest student ever, where she studied jazz and pop singing.

Ecaterina came to Denmark in 1998. She met Jacob Moth on a jam session in 1999. 

​Their love and their music gave them the necessary strength to believe in and manifest Jacobs's profound vision - The Magic Garden. With their band LilaRose they have worked with producer Gary Wallis - who used to be a drummer in the famous band Pink Floyd.

Ecaterina started her inner journeys in 2001. Through undertaking hundreds of deep inner journeys, with Jacob Moth as her guide, Ecaterina has felt her heart expanding and has gained many experiences of feeling at one with all beings and universes.

Ecaterina is facilitating group ceremonies, individual and couples sessions, full moon global meditations. She has been guiding hundreds of people in ceremonies and sessions where she both sings and supports them through their journeys with authenticity, love, and compassion.

With unique devotion, empathy and patience Ecaterina support people to go deep into themselves and feel, embrace, release and process powerful experiences and emotions. People express that they feel welcome and loved in Ecaterina’s affectionate presence.

Ecaterina’s magical elf-like singing is an essential part of the powerful and transformative ceremonies and concerts offered at The Magic Garden.

Georg Stolpe (1949)

Georg Stolphe was born in 1949.  When he was young he moved to the United States.

Here he founded a family and had a successful bricklayer company.


As a 37-year-old, he entered a deep personal crisis. He was working himself to death. His father died at the age of 42, his uncle died at age 42, his grandfather died at age 42 and there was a pattern that triggered what he considered a "spiritual emergency". He entered half-psychotic conditions -

"was there any life after 42 years?".


In order to find help, he sought the help of an Oglala Indian wise man.

Here he was trained as a ceremony master, received shamanistic and spiritual guidance, and underwent several powerful vision quests in the desert. His quest for deeper spiritual clarification and insight was really aroused. In 1991 he was divorced and returned to Denmark.

At a gathering of men at a Danish practicing shaman, Georg and Jacob met in 1992. Among all of them, Jacob and Georg had the two only shaman drums brought together. Soon after, they met in Jacob's little studio and began to make music together.


Georg helped Jacob turn his small house into a larger and better functioning recording studio and "temple".

In 1993, Georg, Jacob and some other acquaintances took part in a vision quest in Sweden.

To the best of his ability, he conveyed the teachings he himself had received from the Oglala Indians.

Since returning from the United States, he has served as a spiritual guide and shaman and settled groups of holy medicine in his own way. In addition to practicing shamanism, he began studying Buddhism and meditation.


Georg has been a regular part of our team since 2015.

Peter Hviid (1963)


Peter Hviid was born in 1963.

Peter and Jacob met back in 1985. He was part of the band "Troll", of which besides him two other members played a very important role in Jacob's life.


During a practicing session with Troll, Peter had a very strong and spiritually challenging experience that altered his life direction. An experience that deeply impressed and affected him, and an experience that laid dormant for years, waiting to be released.

Years later, Peter, being a professional composer and musician, entered a critical phase of his life. His life spark and innate musical interest had dissipated and the mentioned experience back in the 1985 wake-up room, which had never been truly released, called him.


Seeking resolution, he attended a two-week retreat in Peru consisting of 7 ceremonies, which was a powerful initiation for Holy Medicine and an eye-opener.


Now he sought someone to share these experiences with and believed Jacob was the perfect person to talk to.

Peter then visited The Magic Garden and participated in a series of ceremonies as well as an individual session.

With Peter's personal experience as a traveler in inner space, his qualities as a professional composer and musician in combination with his strong loving creature made him a solid part of our team in 2017.

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