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The retreat is led by Jacob and Ecaterina Moth and facilitated by our competent travel team.

We have a 4 years education where we train people to be Integral Transpersonal Psychotherapists and several of them are guides at the retreats.

In total, we are 7 - 8 people to support the 11 travelers on their adventure of a lifetime.

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Jacob Moth (1967)

Jacob has almost 40 years of experience dealing with various technologies of the sacred. He has received training from various mentors and masters of these technologies including Stanislav Grof, Terence Mckenna, Michael Barnet, Art Reade, and danish pioneers Klaus Gormsen, Jørgen Lumbye, Torben Blond and more.


Jacob has made hundreds of inner journeys with the help of sacred medicine and also with other techniques. And he has given hundreds of inner journeys with the help of sacred medicine and also with other techniques to people.

He has written a book named ‘Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly – an Inner Journey’, which has preface from the world renowned consciousness researcher Dr. Stanislav Grof.


More about Jacob here.


Ecaterina Moth (1978)


Ecaterina Moth is a singer, healer and facilitator. She is the co-creator of The Magic Garden - a place that is created to support people on their adventure of self-discovery.

Ecaterina is facilitating group ceremonies, individual and couples sessions, full moon global meditations. She has been guiding hundreds of people in ceremonies and sessions where she both sings and supports them through their journeys with authenticity, love, and compassion.

With unique devotion, empathy and patience Ecaterina support people to go deep into themselves and feel, embrace, release and process powerful experiences and emotions. People express that they feel welcome and loved in Ecaterina’s affectionate presence.

Ecaterina’s magical elf-like singing is an essential part of the powerful and transformative ceremonies and concerts offered at The Magic Garden.

More about Ecaterina here.

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