''The Magic Garden is indeed a very Magic place on this Earth. There is so much love in every aspect of this place. It is like coming to a Magic Castle like the fairy tales. Join a Full Moon. concert and get a feel for the Magic Divine Energy. 
And meet Jacob and Ecaterina who share this wonderful place with us and who are an amazing inspiration with all their love and creativity. Open your Hearts and enjoy''

Birgit A.

“I am so grateful that there is The Magic Garden, that it exists! I was attending a wonderful Full Moon concert and was completely captivated by Jacob and Peter’s music and Ecaterina’s unique voice. It was pure magic altogether. A manifestation of Universal Love, Presence and deeper insights… Ecaterina has a divine voice that is not easy to find the right words to describe, but at some point, I felt the higher energies of Mother Earth and Cosmic consciousness. It was a beautiful, touching and unforgettable experience. And then it is just so lovely and it warms in the heart that there are such amazing people, the Hero, and the heroine, that spread so much light in this world. Thank you, guys!''

Alionah V.

''There was a lot that made an impression -  Ecaterinas beautiful song and dance combined with Jacob's drumming. And then the strong colors and patterns around the walls. A combination of it all. It was so powerful.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to both of you.''


“The Magic Garden is an amazing place in many ways. The unusual atmosphere of this place as well as beautiful nature and architecture allow you to travel deeper into your mind and reached a deep level of relaxation. Jakob and Ecaterina are wonderful people who, thanks to their dedication, knowledge, and creativity, allowed me to safely get to know myself better and started to tame what was usually hidden in the area under consciousness.  I participated in one of Full Moon concerts, I'm still very impressed with professionalism and music that allowed me to experience incredible energy and positively tune me for the next week of work. I can only add that for a few days the smile didn't come off my face, this is a wonderful place which I recommend to everyone.”

Joanna M.

“Lovely to feel the energies flow freely and in perfect harmony! Absolutely genuine, and amazing to get so deeply in touch with the source in everything! You are all so beautiful and I completely forgot about my human figure for a while. Whoo !!!”


“Thank you so much for a really deep concert - the perfect framework for meditation ”


“It was an amazing experience, by heart THANK YOU! Wonderful music and atmosphere with Ecaterina's magical voice! Would highly recommend experiencing it in real life”