There can be several reasons why you experience the call to embark on an inner journey


It can be out of pure curiosity for knowing more about yourself and the universe.


Perhaps you are looking for more ecstasy in your life. It may be that you are carrying a deep pain, a longing for meaning in life, are in a crisis, or something else entirely.

Joseph Campbell describes this call as

the call to adventure”.


Once you have received the call to travel into your own psyche, there are several important things to be aware of. Undertaking inner journeys and being the hero/heroine on the adventure of self-discovery is probably the most exciting and rewarding thing one can do in life. At the same time, it requires great courage, confidence in the process and self-discipline.

When you travel deep within, you are given the opportunity to heal your deep wounds, achieve self-love and loving relationships, forgiveness, acknowledgment, receive visions and more.

We support you in all phases of your journey

Preparation, the ceremony and the integration.


We offer monthly fulll moon concerts, monthly integration evenings, monthly Q&A sessions, Skype sessions, monthly group ceremonies and individual sessions.

Group Ceremonies

For the group ceremonies, we play live travel music throughout the ceremony. Many people say that this live music is extremely beneficial and effective during their journey. It is something we specialize in and the participants get the music that has been played for their particular ceremony sent a few days later.


Hearing the music you have traveled to can be an important tool for integrating and remembering the experiences you have had.


All these factors create a completely unique collective state of consciousness that enhances the energy of everyone.


Participating in a group ceremony has many benefits.


Hearing the stories of others and what they experience in terms of challenges, insights, and release can be very rewarding. Sharing your own story, pain and ecstasy is also healing and rewarding. Meeting and having like-minded travel companions and feeling both the collective group energy and being a part of a community is a very powerful and inspiring experience.

We also offer private ceremonies for smaller groups. So if you or you and your friends wish to go on a journey that is only yours then this is entirely arrangeable. 

Individual Ceremonies


The advantage of an individual session is that there is complete focus only on you.

It is important that you listen with your heart, feel and address what you need right now to move forward in your process. For many, it may be appropriate to switch between ceremonies and individual sessions.


You are always welcome to contact us so we can talk about what is most appropriate for you right now.

We are dedicated to guiding you on your inner journey.

Love, Light, Magic, and blessings
Jacob, Ecaterina, and The Magic Garden Team