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It is our calling in life to support inner travelers and seeking souls on what we at The Magic Garden call the Adventure of Self-discovery. We are therefore wholeheartedly dedicated to providing you with the most optimal support and guidance in finding what you seek on your life path.

But how can a life-transforming retreat at The Magic Garden help you?

It can do this by creating the best framework for you to seek into yourself like never before.
You will experience a powerful and life-transforming inner journey in your consciousness catalyzed by the magic of the place, modern shamanistic original travel music, sacred tea and an experienced travel team.

This journey entails deep inner healing and transformation of e.g. childhood traumas, anxiety, depression and pain. Our travelers strongly suggest that the healing and transformation has seemed like several years of regular therapy.

What can be healed?

The sacred tea, in the context of our unique and therapeutic environment in The Magic Garden, acts as a catalyst that activates the inner healer.

When the inner healer is activated, we can work, heal, and redeem the areas of our lives where we feel trapped and need help moving forward. It can help us see our potential, find inner guidance, and balance in many areas of our lives.

The inner healer works multi-dimensionally during an inner journey and often with different layers of our body and consciousness.

The following themes on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels will therefore be interrelated.
As we begin to discover these connections, deep inner realizations, of why we are who we are and function as we do, will emerge.

At the same time, an experience of inner freedom will arise as we let go of the old and sometimes invisible luggage that we have carried around most of our lives.

Here are examples of themes that our travelers often encounter, experience and get redeemed on an inner journey:

On the physical level:
► diseases (and the cause of these)
► physical blockages
► chronic pain
► abuse - for example, alcohol, hashish, medication
► fatigue and exhaustion
► stress
► infertility

On the psychological level:
► depression
► addiction – e.g. food, sex, ludomania
► emotional blockages
► negative patterns in family relationships or relations to other people
► negative self-perception, lack of self-esteem
► trauma
► a closed heart

On the spiritual level:
► (re-)finding a deeper meaning with life
► feeling connected to a greater whole
► transcend the notion of only being one's “skin encapsulated ego”
► experience universal love
► contact with higher spiritual beings
► visit other dimensions
► past life experiences
► receive insights and visions

Introduction to the retreat

The retreat is conducted in a unique way in that the techniques, methods and processes are based on and inspired by several therapeutic and spiritual traditions, including Dr. Stanislav Grof's practice, Holotropic Breathwork™, Tibetan Buddhism and Native American shamanism.

The retreat focuses on psycho-spiritual transformation, treatment of trauma, healing, self-awareness, mystical experiences and recognition of both your own deeper nature and the nature of the Universe.

We use our own experience, skills and the physical environment to create a warm, safe and loving space that allows you to go on a deep inner journey and experience the Adventure of Self-discovery.

As a traveler, you will experience a setting where you get the help and care you need at any time during the retreat.

At a retreat with us at The Magic Garden, you can therefore safely expect the following:

► You get transformation and healing beyond imagination.

So how does it happen?

►During your journey there is always an experienced guide who can help you.
You receive help, support and guidance at any time during the ceremony from our entire experienced and selected travel team, which, in addition to Jacob (40 years of experience) and Ecaterina (22 years of experience), consists of 6 loving guides, each with their own skills and experience. There are max. 11 participants, so safety and trust are the key words.

►You will have a personal conversation before the ceremony with the shaman Jacob or priestess Ecaterina.

► You are in a modern temple, which is designed and constructed to open up to meditative, transformative and spiritual states of consciousness. The site's many locations, sculptures, spaces and facilities are manifested as the universal archetypes and the Hero's Journey - and they all support you in your inner journey.

► You are guided by the worlds best journey music, truly unique, professional and channeled live music. Traveling on that acts powerfully supportive to your inner journey. Our travel band Axis Mundi Experience is led and orchestrated by our shaman Jacob, supplemented by priestess Ecaterina's voice healing, which has a powerful healing and redeeming energy.

► You get healthy, organic and vegetarian food both before and after the ceremony.

► You participate in a integration workshop (duration 3 hours) in the following week, where you are seeing your fellow travelers again, and where we help you integrate your indsights in your daily life. We work in depth with your and the other participants' travel experiences if needed, so you experience inner peace.


► You are an important part of a community with other seeking souls, people with whom you can gain support and exchange experiences and insights with, who understand your experiences, and can be traveling companions on your life path.

Retreat 2024.jpeg
The program

The event lasts from Friday at 4.45 PM to 9 PM and Saturday at 8.30 AM to 8 PM. Friday evening, will be spend working through introductions and preparations, and all of Saturday will be dedicated to the ceremony itself.

The Tuesday after at 6 PM - 9 PM there is an integration workshop, where you can look forward to seeing your fellow travelers again, and where we work in depth with your and the other participants' travel experiences, and how these are best integrated into your life. If you cannot participate physically, then you can participate online via Zoom or Google Teams.


Friday evening, you will meet the people that you will be sharing your inner journey with. We will get to know each other, and Jacob will introduce the group to a variety of techniques that will be useful during the process of your inner journey. In addition, you get the opportunity to receive guidance and answers to any questions, you might have.

After the sharing circle and introduction, we will share a delicious, light and plant-based meal, whereafter we will fast.
After dinner, you will have a private talk with either Jacob or Ecaterina. During this talk, you have the opportunity to go through any personal matters if you feel the need to, talk about the dosing of your sacred tea, or anything else that you have at heart.

During the evening, you are more than welcome to explore “Axis Mundi Spacecraft”, as well as the garden, in order to take in the special and powerful energies that make The Magic Garden a unique spiritual revitalizer.

Friday’s program is arranged with the purpose of helping you find comfort, relaxation, and for you to physically and mentally prepare yourself for your inner journey.

The evening ends at 9 PM, after which you can go home and sleep.
There are several good options for accommodation in the local area if you need to book accommodation (see more under practical information). Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to offer accommodation
. You can book a nice room, 600 meters from us at Fredensborg Hostel.


On Saturday morning, we meet at 8.30 AM. After having gone through some introductory preparations, as well as a sharing circle, we initiate the ceremony.
The ceremony lasts about 6 - 8 hours.

During the landing phase, the participants paint and draw mandalas. Painting or drawing a mandala is a powerful method with which you can process and integrate inner journeys in consciousness. The process often makes way for various forms of resolutions and insights. It also functions as an opportunity for you to anchor the experience in your mind, while it is still fresh in your memory.











After that we create a circle where we share our experiences and insights. This is an important part of the process as it is very rewarding to tell your own experiences, to get feedback on them and to hear about the journeys of others.


Following this, we eat a nice dinner together. At this point, almost everybody has landed and is ready to travel home in the evening.

We end off the day by sharing a wonderful meal together. After the meal, you are free to leave, whenever you feel ready and capable to do so. Despite the sacred tea having left your body at this point in time, it varies from person to person, whether they feel capable of driving following a ceremony. In most cases, people feel capable of driving or going home by public transport.

If you are a first-time traveler, make sure that someone picks you up after the ceremony and can be with you in the evening if you need it.

The next
Tuesday  at 6 PM - 9 PM there is an integration workshop, where you can look forward to seeing your fellow travelers again, and where we work in depth with your and the other participants' travel experiences, and how these are best integrated into your life. If you cannot participate physically, then you can participate online via Zoom.

PROGRAM in short (approximate times)

4.45 PM: Arrival.
5.00 PM - 5.11 PM: Meditation
5.11 PM - 6.00 PM: Sharing circle.
6.00 PM– 7.00 PM: Lecture and guidance by Jacob.
7.00 PM - 9.00 PM: Dinner and individual talk with each participant, possibly combined with a walk in the Palace Garden.

8.30: Arrival for distribution of places to lie. Meditation in the garden.
9.15: Sharing circle
10.00 AM - 5.30 PM: MAGICAL CEREMONY and integration with mandala drawing.
5.30 PM - 7.00 PM: Sharing circle.
7.00 PM  (or whenever we have finished sharing): Dinner and rounding off.

The next Tuesday.
6.00 PM - 9.00 PM Integration evening.


TMG Tribe 13.06.2020.jpeg
The music for your journey

The music during the ceremony is played live by Axis Mundi Experience - The Magic Garden’s own travel band, which consists of Jacob and Ecaterina Moth.

During inner journeys, music serves as the primary vehicle for your travels. Axis Mundi Experience specializes in performing authentic, original, live travel music to offer optimal support during your inner journey.

During the ceremony, we create a collective field of consciousness, a shared energy to which everyone present contributes, including the travelers, the facilitator team, and the energies and spirits of The Magic Garden. The music played during the ceremony is inspired and channeled through us via this shared energy.

Our travelers express that our music has a healing, transformative, and spiritually opening impact on them. They find that the music resonates very precisely and is in harmony with the course of their journey, while simultaneously offering powerful support for their inner processes.


The music played during the ceremony is professionally recorded. You can find it on our membership platform by becoming a member at You can use the music for integration after the ceremony. Listening to the music can help you recall your insights and experiences more vividly, deepening your integration process.

Ecaterina, as a trained and also as an intuitive singer, will with her expressive and feminine voice transform, help, and guide you. Ecaterina emanates light from the priestess’ path and her resonance, her beautiful voice and vibration is a clear channel that supports your inner work.

With his 40 years of experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as creating and practicing music that supports deep journeys in consciousness, Jacob Moth orchestrates a truly unique six hour music landscape that guides the group. Jacob's shaman wands are 2 designed butterfly guitar.

Preparation before the retreat

Introspection and time for inner exploration

We highly encourage you to stay as introspective as possible during the weeks leading up to the ceremony. Give great attention to your emotions and body sensations, as well as any dreams or visions, you might experience. Explore and listen to your inner space. We encourage you to keep a diary - you can even draw small mandalas as a way to prepare.

Make sure that you give yourself the necessary time for introspection, especially during the days leading up to the ceremony. Perform activities that have a positive effect on your well-being and peace of mind. Activities such as spending time in nature, meditating or doing yoga are perfect tools for you to maintain a high level of well-being and peace of mind. Make sure to pay attention to your breath - let your breaths be deep and calm.

Ceremony preparations do not have to take several hours. If your days are busy with work, family and kids that require your attention, try to give yourself small moments during the day, wherein you have time to do some of the above-mentioned things.

When you have decided to embark on an inner jouney and to transform your life, it is perfectly normal that this huge decision causes various inner processes to start. One's system starts undergoing various changes. Sometimes this means that you might experience days, where you can't sleep. This is perfectly normal. If this happens to you, know that everything is okay.


The day before the ceremony, a light and plant-based meal will be served, helping to keep the body and mind as clear, open and receptive as possible.

Vi highly suggest that you eat a plant-based or vegetarian diet during the week or few days leading up to the ceremony - however, this is not a 'must'.
You will get detailed information about what foods not to eat when you register to the retreat.

Drink plenty of water every day. Water is vital for the body and plays an essential role for any purging processes in your body. Minimize your consumption of coffee, sugar, and other stimulants. Some people get headaches, if they suddenly stop drinking coffee. If you are one of those people, we suggest that you slowly decrease your coffee consumption during the week leading up to the ceremony. This way, you avoid any possible ''coffee headaches'' during your journey.
During the ceremony morning, you must remain fasting, but you are allowed to drink water.


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