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Ecaterina Moth is a spiritual guide, facilitator, singer and healer. She is the co-creator of The Magic Garden - a place that is created to support people on their adventure of self-discovery. 

Ecaterina was born in Moldova in 1978. She started singing and went to a music school from the age of 5, where she studied piano, music history, singing. At the age of 16, she was admitted to the Music Conservatory in Chisinåu, as the youngest student ever, where she studied jazz and pop singing.

Ecaterina came to Denmark in 1998. She met Jacob Moth on a jam session in 1999. 

​Their love and their music gave them the necessary strength to believe in and manifest Jacobs's profound vision - The Magic Garden. With their band LilaRose they have worked with producer Gary Wallis - who used to be a drummer in the famous band Pink Floyd.

Ecaterina started her inner journeys in 2001. Through undertaking hundreds of deep inner journeys, with Jacob Moth as her guide, Ecaterina has felt her heart expanding and has gained many experiences of feeling at one with all beings and universes.

Ecaterina is facilitating group ceremonies, individual and couples sessions, full moon global meditations. She has been guiding hundreds of people in ceremonies and sessions where she both sings and support them through their journeys with authenticity, love and compassion.

With unique devotion, empathy and patience Ecaterina supports people to go deep into themselves and feel, embrace, release and process powerful experiences and emotions. People express that they feel welcome and loved in Ecaterina’s affectionate presence.

Ecaterina’s magical elf-like singing is an essential part of the powerful and transformative ceremonies and concerts offered at The Magic Garden.

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