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Activate your inner healer

Every month Axis Mundi Experience performs live-streamed Full Moon Concerts in the Roundhall in The Magic Garden. Inspired by the archetype, vibration, and energy connected with the astrological zodiac sign which is activated by the full moon, Axis Mundi creates and composes the music in the present. Through the annual progression of the zodiac circle, Axis Mundi invites you to participate in the dance of the Universe. 


As the Universe is in constant evolution and change, so is every single concert unique. 

The audiovisual performance and high vibrational energy opens a portal to a multitude of variety of experiences: healing, transformation, peace of mind, ecstasy, visions, insights.

If you can't be here physically, don't worry! Our livestreams make it possible for you to tune into our beautiful concerts and ceremonies anytime, anywhere.

JOIN The Magic Garden Tribe 

and experience the transformation and magic.

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