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Would you like a life full of joy and inner peace?
If so book your life-transforming retreat now.

The price

The price is 3.800 DKK. If you take a friend with you then the price is 3.300 DKK for you and 3.300 DKK for your friend.


There is room for a maximum of 11 participants, so we highly recommend that you reserve your spot in good time.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate in our ceremonies.

See the dates in our Calender.

Booking process

1. Write to Ecaterina and we will send you the application form. 

2. Fill out and return.
3. When you are accepted, you will get the invoice.
5. After you have paid, you will receive detailed information about the ceremony.

Helping you all the way.

After you have participated in the life-transforming retreat we are here to support you all the way. There are ongoing events in the Magic Garden to support you on your journey like full moon concerts, integration evening after the retreat, where you have the opportunity to talk to and meet us and other participants, and integrate your experiences from the ceremony, get indsights, inspiration and be a part of a community of people that understand and appreciate you just as you are.

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