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The Magic Garden IVS

Kronprinsessevej 11,

3480 Fredensborg, Denmark.

Phone: Jacob Moth: 24408948 - Ecaterina Moth: 23709898 Email:

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Price & Booking


  • Friday - Saturday  |  13 - 14 March  |  Life-transforming Retreat 

  • Friday - Saturday  |  27 - 28 March  |  Women's Retreat 

  • Friday - Saturday  |  3 - 4 April  |  Life-transforming Retreat  

  • Friday - Saturday   | 17 - 18 April  | Women's Retreat 

  • Thursday - Friday   |  30 April - 1 May  |  Life-transforming Retreat  

  • Friday - Saturday  |  15 - 16 May  |  Life-transforming Retreat

  • Friday - Saturday   |  29 - 30 May  |  Women's Retreat 

  • Friday - Saturday  |  12 - 13 June  |  Life-transforming Retreat  

  • Friday - Saturday   |  19 - 20 June  |  Life-transforming Retreat 

You get

  • Healing and transformation Big time  

  • An oasis of calming surroundings intertwined with plants and the elements of our planet that all aim to relax your nervous system and release you from the busy world outside.

  • Completely safe and settled by having a one-on-one heart to heart talk with the shaman before the ceremony

  • Aligned and ready for the ceremony by meditating outside in The Magic Garden  ( the only one of this kind on Earth)

  • Preparation on how let go of your past and be reborn by walking through the Rebirth tunnel in The Magic Garden 

  • Great and gentle medicine (nordic medicine)

  • Power, support and healing from our 1, 2 or three shamans together with experience of 85 years

  • Always help and support when you need it from our amazing teem of six to eight experienced and loving people

  • A family like atmosphere - only 12 participants

  • Powerfull, professional, channeled live musik  and healing with voice, that guides you to heal and transform even faster

  • Amazing feeling of being in a fairytale in The Magic Garden and the Roundhall with starry sky

  • Wholesome organic vegetarian food

  • Shared accomodation in magic surroundings

  • Powerfull integration after the ceremony

  • Great new friends who understand you and what you have experienced and support you

  • Very powerfull integration tool - the recorded music in proffesional quality, for later use (group ceremonies) 


You get all of this for 2650 Dkk

There is room for max. 12 participants, so reserve your spot in good time.
Because there are some who would like to be anonymous, and some who are not on Facebook, there are often 1 - 3 people subscribed to our events on Facebook and the event is filled up. You must be at least 21 years old.

Most people choose to stay overnight in the Roundhall where the ceremony is held the following day. In addition, we have 2 other rooms for overnight stay. It is also possible to set up a tent in the garden or stay overnight at the local hotel. You can also drive home in the evening at 9 PM and return the next day at 8 AM.

Booking process:

1. Write to and we will send you the application form.
2. Fill out and return.
3. We may be able to accept you at the ceremony based on your written application. For more complex cases, we will arrange a phone call or Skype to speak through your application in detail.
4. When you are accepted, you will get the invoice.
5. After you have paid, you will receive a confirmation and more information about the ceremony.

Follow up:

There are ongoing events in the Magic Garden to support you on your journeys like integration evenings, full moon concerts, Q & A sessions, where you have the opportunity to talk to and meet us and other participants, and integrate your experiences from the ceremony.

Due to planning both facilitators and musicians, there is a binding registration up to 14 days before unless we find another participant in your place. This also applies to illness.