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This is the English version of Jacob Moth's book.


The book spans over 674 pages and is enriched by the author’s artwork illustrating the contents of sessions, dreams and spontaneous visions.


Here is a preface by Stanislav Grof:


"In today’s world where hundreds of thousands of people are interested and involved in serious self-exploration, there is an urgent need for honest information and guidelines. Jacob Moth’s “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” is a treasure trove of information that is invaluable for this purpose. It is a remarkable travelogue describing the inner journey undertaken by a serious spiritual seeker with the help of powerful “technologies of the sacred” - psychedelic substances. The honesty with which the author reports all the promises and pitfalls encountered by the dedicated “psychonaut” makes this book a must for all those who have decided to undertake the adventure of self-discovery and to seek deep inner psychospiritual transformation. The author’s extraordinary illustrations help to convey the dimensions of his experience, which are difficult to describe in words."


Read more about the book here!

Book: Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly - An inner journey

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