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Follow Jacob on his current Adventure of Self-Discovery by watching Jacob's Vlogs below

The large majority of the videos will be in English with an occasional video in Danish.

#21 The Captain's Vlog   The Legendary Magic GardenTribe Board - June 2022

#21 The Captain's Vlog The Legendary Magic GardenTribe Board - June 2022

The Legendary Magic Garden Tribe Board Dear spiritual seekers and psychonauts I hope you all are doing great in these powerful and exciting time on the planet. Astrologically I have Uranus conjunct my Sun. A once-in-a-lifetime transit with the effect of speeding up the pace in my life. Catalysing the beginnings of new adventures here in The Magic Garden - the starting point of many new and very exciting projects. In many ways it feels like a big long circle or epoch of this lifetime is complete. Like a lot of “life dharma” has been experienced, processed, and worked through. I have a strong sense that the first half of this life cycle is hereby complete, and now begins the second half of this life cycle. In this way it is as being born again. A rebirth. The very essence of the Uranian archetype. One of these very important “life dharma projects” for me, is the creation and the establishment of our dear beloved community with all of you. To walk the hero’s journey and to undergo the Adventure of Self-Discovery demands courage, the right set and setting, and a community. It’s so powerful, lovely and amazing to see how The Magic Garden Tribe has grown since it’s birth in 2019. Many more have joined our tribe and we appreciate and love you and all of your contributions, your co-creation, your love, your presence, you being part of this journey and adventure. To have all your names on the board is wonderful. You are in our hearts and the board reminds us of all of you, and it is a powerful and meaningful expression of our tribe. I have made a little video for you about The Legendary Magic Garden Tribe Board. My #21 Vlog. There are several Vlogs in The Magic Garden Tribe on the Captain’s Log Book and I do my best to make them both informative, exciting and entertaining. So if you are new to The Magi Garden Tribe give them a go as a supplement to the other streaming services. And if you want to join The Magic Garden Tribe here is the link: Enjoy. I wish you all a wonderful, rejuvenating and life enhancing summer Light, love, harmony and blessings
Jacob's Vlog #4 - Monthly Integration Evenings in The Magic Garden

Jacob's Vlog #4 - Monthly Integration Evenings in The Magic Garden

Support and become a member of The Magic Garden at: Official website: Dear seekers and travellers in inner space It is with great passion and excitement that I and The Magic Garden announce, that from the beginning of the new year I (Jacob) will conduct a monthly “Integration Evening” except July and August. Those evenings will take place the first Tuesday every month from 6 PM to 9 PM except July and August. The intension with these integration evenings is to give you, our partipants from our ceremonies and others the possibility to get support by practice the art how to integrate your experiences from your journeys in consciousness. To undertake powerful inner journeys I always emphasize that a journey is in three phases; 1). The preparation, 2). the journey itself and 3). The integration. I experience an urgent need to practice this and now it will be easy and possible for all ny participate in these evenings. The experiences, insights, issues, gestalt or whatever it might be which need to be worked with during these evenings, will processed, interpreted and integrated by a wide spectrum of various techniques and methods. It might for example be dream theory, body thereby, astro therapy, tarot, gestalt therapy, visualization, positive affirmation, shamanic practice or katharsis therapy. We will practice all this and you will learn skills and tools to do more of this by yourself or with each other. My goal is to equip you the best I can to make you as succesfull as possible on your own adventure of self-discovery. I guess most of you know me and my background to do this. But for those of you who don’t know me so much, here is a short summery of my education to practice the art of integration and psychotherapy: As 17 years old I suffered from a very intense shamanic initiator crisis. This was a call from the higher powers - my call for adventure. I dropped out of ordinary school and made my own curriculum and studied and practiced various spiritual disciplines and psychotherapy. My main teacher in psychotherapeutic methods and techniques was Jørgen Lumbye and Klaus Gormzen. Jørgen Lumbye was a leading pioneer in psychedelic therapy educated from Stanislav Grof. Klaus was and still is an amazing and absolutely extraordinary teacher in psychotherapy without substances in theory and practice. What makes him unique is that he has implemented techniques and methods from leading worldwide pioneers. Friz Perls who invented gestalt therapy, Dr Arthur Janov - primal therapy, Dr carl Gustav Jung - dream therapy, to name but a few. Klaus developed a system he called Mutual Therapy. From 1985 to 1994 I took all his courses and practiced all these techniques in groups for many many years and made them an integrated part of my life. I have participated in other seminars - Stanislav Grof, Terence McKenna, Michael Barnet, Art Reade, and more - as well, and was educated as a yoga teacher at the danish leading yoga teacher Torben Blond. The prize for these evenings is 222 Dkk. But if you want to save money, and especially if you are in a process where you on a regular basis participate in our ceremonies, and/or full moon concerts, you can get discount by being member of The Magic Garden through our Patreon site. We have four levels of membership starting at $1 for a month. Level 3 - which we call Magic Member - is for $33 (224 kr) each month where you will get the following: Access to our livestreaming sessions Free access to a PDF-version of The Nocturnal Butterfly (Jacob’s book) Access to monthly QA-sessions Discounts: 11% Discount on ceremonies at The Magic Garden Free access to monthly integration evenings 50% Discount on all skype sessions with either Jacob or Ecaterina 50% Discount on all our full moon concerts Please check The integration evenings will be in danish or english depending on who participate. I honestly look so much forward to see you Light, love, magic and blessings Jacob
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