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Extract from the captain’s logbook 

Dear All

You may be wondering over that it has been a long time since I have written welcome posts to newcomers and longer updates, and generally been a little quiet.

Below is the explanation of what caused it. One of the reasons is that I have simply not been able to type on a computer.

So, to all of you, newcomers who have joined us, a warm welcome to you! I look forward to meeting you.


Start-up – new beginning after the corona crisis


In late May and early June, we received many inquiries from new people who were interested in coming to our ceremonies. It was as if the corona crisis had led to a growing interest among many in looking inward. One of the reasons for this was probably that the unstable situation in the external world had evoked a need to look inside/inward. This meant that we had ceremonies every weekend except one. Holding a ceremony is super exciting and meaningful work, and at the same time it requires a lot of attention and energy. Just as rewarding as it is, just as important is it to make sure to refuel and recharge afterwards.

In our efforts to provide the best information, support and guidance, both in preparation for the ceremonies and as integration, we had an ongoing intense process in June to optimize many of our basic texts and in general to create the optimal work structure and timetable/itinerary/process flow for the ceremonies.

I had also been given a coming from withing drive to begin the planned small and easy-to-read introductory book to The Adventure of Self-Discovery and The Magic Garden, which my former bank director had encouraged me to write. Several nights I was sitting up on The Eagle’s Platform in the 11- meter tower. On bright summer nights with the glowing horizon and the huge star dome above me, the inspiration was at its peak, and the text flowed through me, like it was almost channeled directly from the Source and my spirit guide Goan-Quzuk, I was absolutely blown away by this work and imagined how this introductory book to The Magic Garden and the ceremonies could effect an even more powerful catalysis of transformative and healing processes in the inner travelers and searching souls who come here.

At the same time, we worked purposefully on and with our dedicated communication strategist, Rasmus, to make visible and spread the knowledge of and about The Magic Garden to inner travelers and searching souls. A job that greatly tuned and turned me on and gave me an experience of excitement and momentum.

Many other meaningful chores were on the to-do list and were carefully and thoroughly carried out, including some very successful garden days, where there were also many newcomers. I found myself in a situation where I pretty much had something to do every day and did not have the necessary time to refuel and recharge.

Some evenings when I was on my way to go to bed, my daughter asked me if we should and could go for a walk, which was very difficult to say no to, not least because of the unusually nice bright summer nights, but also because you must grab the ball, when a teenager invites you to an immersive time together.

The summer nights and the beautiful weather greatly invited to long nocturnal and much-needed meditations, which, however, my work life did not give me time for. I therefore overheard the signals of my body and psyche to give myself time for my own meditative and recharging practice. By this I mean sitting a whole night or more in a row out in nature and dedicating myself fully and completely to my own inner process and creative unfoldment.

This had some consequences that caused a pain in my right elbow just as the summer holidays began in early July.


Sommer holiday


We had hoped to come to Norway, but it was not possible, so we decided to spend a summer vacation at home in the Magic garden. Due to my elbow, I had limited opportunities to exercise, but I could still cycle, run, play the guitar and do things with my family.

All in all, it was a great summer vacation with many memorable experiences with the family. I chose to go completely offline and had prepared a whole host of posts for inspiration and reflection for our tribe, which Rasmus executed over the summer.

Because of my elbow I had difficulty typing on computer, which slowed me down in writing my beforementioned little introductory book to The Adventures of Self-discovery and The Magic Garden.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ Tendinitis in the elbow


In late July, the pain in my right elbow intensified. The pain that had been there all month and that would not go away. At first, I thought I had cleaved a little too much firewood and done a little too much gardening and that it would go away quickly, but it did not.

I had been looking forward to doing gardening, kayaking and going on a canoe trip with my children during the summer holidays, but I did not dare because of the pain in my elbow.

On Thursday 30 July, we wrote and application to the Danish Agency for culture regarding a pool of money for the Magic Festival, and the six hours of computer work “destroyed my elbow completely”.

Friday the 31st of July I woke up and could not bend my right arm at all. Thus, I could not play guitar, do yoga, cook, play Pokemon Go with Buddha or anything. The only thing I could do now was go for long walks, meditate and read books. As the captain of the space station The Magic Garden and with a 19-string butterfly guitar as a shaman’s stick that I could not play now, it was in many ways a rather challenging condition.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ The search for healing


I have always been the type who would rather go once too much to the doctor than once too little. As a father, grandfather and life partner as well as a shaman in The Magic Garden, I feel responsibility to keep myself healthy and fresh.

In my quest to find the right therapist and treatment that fluctuated with my energy, I first sought out an osteopath, then a doctor, then a chiropractor and kinesiologist, then a healer and an acupuncturist and later another a acupuncturist as I could feel, that it was a gestalt that I really had to take loving care of.

Because of the condition of my arm, I did not dare to take an inner journey, as it is important that the body is fully functional before taking an inner journey, as otherwise it may suffer inconvenience. I learned this the hard way when once many years ago I made a powerful inner journey immediately after I had cut myself in the foot and had been sewn. There is a big difference between having pain and discomfort in the body, as a result of energy and psychosomatic blockages, or as a result of physical harm. When my arm is free of tendonitis, I will surely take an inner journey and look into it.

As many of you are likely to know, I feel and experience myself being in the service of higher powers, and that my life purpose is to help and support seeking sould on their Self-Discovery Adventures. As a shaman on the space station, I experience being a mediator between the various planes of reality and helping to create new, up-to-date, mythological dimensions through/via the music and stories in The Magic Garden. An important and crucial part of this work is to make The Magic Garden as a multidimensional artistic concept transparent to the transcendent. The primary tool for me to do this is through my music.

Suddenly I had become a figure in a game of chess and could not do much.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ The ferry has an engine stop


The night after I had been to a chiropractor and kinesiologist who I felt could really help me, I had the dream below.

Before I talk about the dream, I will introduce you to a recurring dream theme that I have had since the beginning of my inner journey in 1984, namely ferry dreams.

The/a ferry has and represents several meanings and symbols for me. The ferry is the vehicle that carries me through the ocean of consciousness, through many different realities, from one state of consciousness to many other states of consciousness. The ferry has thus taken me to the underworld, through death-rebirth processes, to shamanistic kingdoms, to the past, crystal worlds, encounters with the deceased and with space people. As a boy, my family and I took the ferry when I had to visit my grandparents, and as an adult, my annual ritual refueling trip to the wilderness of Norway – which for me is a particularly sacred place – always started with a trip with the Oslo boat. The ferry also plays its important role in Odysseus myth and his stormy journey from island to island – from state of consciousness to state of consciousness.

So when I dream of the ferry, I know that the dream has some important messages that I need to listen to, because they always provide deep guidance from within.

The dream itself:

I dream that I am on board a large ferry sailing in a vast mythological landscape, most of all reminiscent of Norway’s wilderness with its fjords, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks, exotic flora and adventurous and magical landscape.

For the first time in my ferry dreams over the last 36 years, the ferry gets its engine stopped. There is nothing to do but let the ferry float with the current. It flows quietly through the beautiful landscape until the sound of a large, roaring waterfall comes. There is a gasp going through me, the crew and the other fellow travelers, but we know there is nothing to do. The only thing we can do is let go, float with the current and down the waterfall. The ferry falls over the edge, down through the waterfall and lands in a lake in good condition, but still with engine stop.

The ferry drifts towards an island and I board the island. On the island there is a house, which outwardly is reminiscent of a mixture of a Norwegian stave church and a mountain hut. There is something mythical, Nordic, god-like about it. I do into it and find myself in a giant library where there is a fireplace with fire in. In the library there is a person who is a mixture of my deceased friend and teacher, Jørgen Lumbye, and a mythological god. It is as if I meet the archetypal librarian, of whom Jørgen was an incarna5ion. He says there is some important information here in the library that I need to take with me on my journey. He gives me quite a few books which he says it is important that I remember to take with me to my next book. The dream ends and I wake up in the middle of the night and record it on my Dictaphone.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ Drømmens budskaber


My arm had been completely swollen and stiff for 10 days up to the dream and I had not felt any progress at all. The dream had some very important messages for me. The first message was that I will have to accept that the ferry has had its engine stopped. Accept that when I can not use my right arm, then there are a lot of things that are put on hold in The Magic Garden. This is the reason why it has been so quiet from me for now almost for two months.

The next thing the dream told me was that I will have to let go completely and trust the process and that there is a meaning to the unexpected stagnation that it entails. During this period, I managed to play both a full moon concert and a ceremony – with one arm. Fairly wild, especially wild, especially since there were many who were not aware of it and did not notice it either. But when you usually play with two hands on a guitar, you have to be reasonably creative to complete a longer course over four hours with only one usable arm.

The most important message from the dream, however, was in the picture with the library and the librarian. Jørgen’s ashes have been in the Roundhall since I got them at the end of April. Likewise, the ashes of my father have stood in a jar since the fall of 2019. My intention and vision has been to transform the lower room of the Wizard’s Towere, namely the room behind The Jaguar Head, into a storage room for my father and Jørgen’s urns. From this room, a staircase leads down to The Subterranean Meditation Chamber and a ladder leads up to the control room in the tower.This room becomes The Magic Garden’s Cemetery, so to speak – The Chamber of Our Ancestors. The dream told me that in order to move forward both in my process, but also for the souls of Jørgen and my father, it is very important to have that space finished now.

The same day we started making this room, there was a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm, like the ferry dreams, has been a phenomenon that has accompanied me at special, important events in my life. At the same time, we found three dead mice down in The Subterranean Meditation Chamber, which is something we have never experienced before. Ecaterina and I experienced the mice as symbolic representations for both Jørgen, my father and Ecaterina’s mother, all three of whom have been drawn to the afterlife and must have their place in The Chamber of Our Ancestors. Ergo, it’s now that the room needs to be finished!

When I tell my dream to Ecaterina, her dream life returns with a dream the night after.

Here is an excerpt form Ecaterina’s dream:

Ecaterina dreams that she is back in the apartment where she grew up as a child. Just as the ferry dreams are a recurring theme for me, so that apartment is a recurring theme for her. Different things happen, but the key here is the part about a big bear that needs help. She dreams that the bear has four completely newborn cubs. Later in the dream, she dreams that I will get some new magical and glorious elf-like clothes. Ecaterina and my life path are deeply intertwined in a spiritual and earthly couple-dance. As we later talk about these two dreams and what they mean to us, we both experience that this part of her dream is an extension of my ferry dream.

As my dream suggests, there is some information that I need to integrate in order to convey what I need - both in my work and in the abovementioned little introductory book – and during this time I have been reading many books.

Just before Ecaterina told her dream, I had read that in the Arthurian romances and in the legends that led up to the myth of King Arthur, he was often symbolized in the form of a bear. The Magic Garden is a version of a modern grail castle and the analogy that one of my functions is to be the king of this small kingdom is clear.

The four children that the bear had, we both saw as the four pillars that The Magic Garden consists of. Thus, it is also about a birth process of the whole guiding and mythologically based storytelling that is in The Magic Garden, and which I want to convey in the introductory book that I have previously mentioned. The four pillars are physically manifested inside that Round Hall, and the four pillars also symbolize the community that we are passionate about being in the service for.

Specifically, we found out that in order to create a successful and complete Magic Festival that marks the 11th birthday of our spaceship – Axis Mundi studio – there are some things that we need complete:

1. The room – The Chamber of Our Ancestors – for storing the urns and with the photos/pictures of those drawn to the beyond. It will be an extremely powerful and sacred space and an important piece of the puzzle in The Magic Garden’s mandala.

2. A well-developed member page where we can convey music, inspiration etc. to our community in an easily accessible and structured way. Several dedicated members of the tribe have been working on this member page and now we are striving to make it ready for the Magic Festival.

3. The diagnosis that I have received through the various therapists that I have been to and from my spirit guides is that as a result of a general overexertion I have got a tendinitis in my right elbow. I’ve had the experience that I need to get better at delegating tasks and different areas of responsibility and focus on doing the things that only I can do and letting others do in and forThe Magic garden what they can do. I am therefore super and wholeheartedly grateful for all the help and co-creation that I receive. It is truly a great pleasure to feel how The Magic Garden has grown, especially since the Magic Festival last year, which in many ways marks the birth of The Magic Garden Tribe.

4. The last important specific thing that I have to do as a result of my dream is that I have to finish writing the little introductory book to The Adventures of Self-Discovery and to the Magic Garden, which I started in the month of June. At the moment I am not able to write on my computer and this blog is dictated to Pernille who is so sweet and dedicated to writing down for me. And so, luckily, I have the possibility to get on with my little introductory book.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ Magic Festival


Magic Festival was scheduled for September 5th. My arm is improving, and I can gradually start playing music again, but it will still be some time before I am 100 % ready to play again. Therefore, we chose to move the festival to the 26th of September.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the festival. If any of you have the time and surplus/overflow to participate in the practical, then it will be and is so warmly welcome. I am really looking forward to this day and hope that this year we can establish the planned flagpole at The Magic Crown in the middle of The Magic Garden, so that we can once again raise the flag with our butterfly logo.

⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼⇼ Note fra Buddha


One Sunday I hung my head a little because I missed playing the guitar so much. My son Buddha says to me, “I think you look a little sad, Dad. You do not look so happy. Is that your arm?” “Yes”, I answer and can feel that I do not have the great enthusiasm in me. “There is no reason for that,” Buddha says, “if you had not had that arm, it could be that you had cycled a ride and had broken your leg, or that it was much worse.” And this is how he has said many things during the summer, where I must say with great love and recognition that I have got a good teacher in him.

Light, love, magic, and blessings,


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