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Music for Meditation

Music has always been essential for human beings. We all know the power of music. The power to bring joy, happiness, relief, excitement, access memories, and more.


We have spent the last three decades exploring the power of music and sound, practiced the art of composing, improvising, and playing. 


With clear intention and dedication, we have created The Magic Garden - a magical place full of inspiration to perform and express our music. 


Now we share with you, the opportunity to take part in this magical and renewing energy field, by listening and using our music.


The purpose of our music is simply to enhance your life experience - to reach a deeper connection to the Source.


Our music is recorded and performed live at ceremonies and concerts. It provides creative music landscapes you can use in multiple ways: E.g. meditation, relaxation, work, while cleaning your house, simple enjoyment, inner journeys and spiritual transformation.


The oldest definition of meditation is from Pantajali Yoga Sutras. Here meditation is defined as concentration on one object. The Tibetan Buddhists say that meditation is 24 hours a day. Do you want to be fully alive, connected to the source, playful and excited in the Here and Now? Try out Axis Mundi’s ever-changing improvised vast and continually growing music library.

Here are some examples of what our music can be used for:

Merlins Wishing Well - Flute & Piano

Want a quiet moment to relax and calm your mind? Try out this track. Lay down comfortably or sit in meditation posture. Just listen to the music and watch you spontaneous breathing.

Merlin's Wishing Well - Flute & PianoAxis Mundi
00:00 / 12:19

The Virgin Journey - Luminous

The Sun is rising. A new day is starting. Ah, feel the deep gratitude of simply being alive. Let the Elf Queen's gentle, soft and enchanting voice lift your day and invoke love, compassion, and forgiveness.

The Virgin Journey - LuminousAxis Mundi
00:00 / 22:00

Merlins Wishing Well - Session Five

Want to dive deep into the mysteries of the Universe? Light a candle, burn some incense, make a prayer to the Universe, lay down, close your eyes and listen. Listen deep, let go and let the music reveal the mysteries of the beyond.

Merlins Wishing Well - Session FiveAxis Mundi
00:00 / 22:00

The Transpersonal Well - The Shaman’s Spirit

Need some advice from your spirit guides? Prepare yourself properly. Find your spot. Whether in your home or in nature. When settled, put on your headphones and start the track. Speak out clearly what you need advice for. Do this with clear intention. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid of what the answer will be. Surrender completely and trust what your spirit guides say to you.

The Transpersonal Well - The Shaman's SpiritAxis Mundi
00:00 / 22:00

The Virgin Journey - Trance in the Dome

Searching for an intimate tantric and exotic sexual experience with your lovemate? Take a bath, kiss your lover, prepare your yoni and lingam with tantric oil and turn on Trance in the Dome with considerable volume. Embrace each other in the divine creative force of deep sexuality and eat the grapes from the cosmic tree. Dive into the mysteries of lovemaking and intertwined souls.

The Virgin Journey - Trance In The DoomAxis Mundi
00:00 / 22:00
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