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Global Livestreams

Livestreams from The Magic Garden


Every month Axis Mundi performs Full Moon Concerts and Transformational Ceremonies.

Take a digital seat at our live concerts and ceremonies by becoming a Patreon-member of The Magic Garden, in addition, you also get plenty of other amazing benefits, depending on your membership, such as:

  • Get your own name written on The Legendary Magic Tribe Board

  • An enormous collection of original music tracks

  • Access to Patreon-only special events

  • Discounts

Our core mission is to facilitate global meditations by having people across the world tune into our state-of-the-art livestreams.


Read more about our concerts and ceremonies here:

Q&A Livestreams

Besides our main livestream events, we also have monthly Q&A Livestreams. These sessions are tailored to anyone with questions about our work at The Magic Garden, the process of integration or anything in between.

Here Jacob answers any questions you might have and gives great advice on how to succeed on your own Adventure of Self-Discovery.

Check the dates for the Q&A Livestreams here!

To gain access to these Q&A Livestreams, you must be a Seeker Member (or above) on our Patreon page: Gain access here!

QA Livestream
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