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How to get the most out of Axis Mundi’s music


Axis Mundi’s music is of a very special calibre and character. It is based on spiritual, ritual and historical traditions from around the world, research into music and its impact on man, Jacob Moths exploration of consciousness with the technologies of the sacred as well as my many years of experimentation, creation and practice of music and sound technology that supports and guides inner travel.


The music is created live in The Magic Garden, which down to the smallest detail is created as a modern Eleusis and temple, whose highest purpose is to form a powerful morphogenetic field that facilitates access and connection to other planes of consciousness and dimensions of reality.


The Magic Garden is also a state-of-the-art audio-visual sound studio that enables us to record, produce and livestream our ceremonies in the highest quality.


The band members are professional musicians, and all instruments, vocal performance and sound equipment are carefully selected and composed to create the ultimate music and sound universe based on both archaic and modern technology.


All these inner and outer elements together create a unique form of music and sound technology. 


You get the optimal benefit from Axis Mundi’s music by using it for exactly what it is, namely a tool that activates your inner healer and your inner guide. In short, the inner healer and the inner guide are the spontaneous and autonomous healing and developmental process that constantly takes place in our psycho-physical system. The inner healer and the inner guide are in synchronous interaction with the whole Universe and constantly guide us towards greater wholeness and deeper connection to Source. The task is to be aware of this guide and dare to follow it.


In order for you to get the full benefit of the music and its activation of your inner healer and inner guide, I will tell you below about the effect of the music and how you can use it and get the full benefit of it. The latter presupposes a special way of listening, a kind of process of harmony with the Universe, Nature and your deeper Self, indeed your entire psycho-physical system.


This process of harmony can be described with words such as “tune in” to an energy channel, “tune in” to what you need right now and really notice what is happening and what you are experiencing in your inner space.

As with so much else, it takes a little practice.


The effect of music


To support your changing and diverse processes and experiences, Axis Mundi’s music alternates and guides you through richly varied soundscapes and polar opposites.

We play long ambient passages that can have a mysterious or a paradisiacal new age-like character, across the spectrum to dynamic long trance-inducing passages with occasional balanced solo outbursts.

Precisely the long and sometimes repetitive stretches allow you to go deep inside yourself and your processes and experiences at the music’s insistence. Just as is the case with the previously mentioned shamanistic traditional trance rituals.


Drum rhythms affect the electrical activity of your brain. The long trance-inducing passages help to affect your brain waves. Certain acoustic frequencies are connected and affect your individual chakras and the subtle energy centres in your body.


The continuous flow of varying music creates a bearing wave that helps you through difficult experiences and to overcome psychological defence mechanisms.

Likewise, music is a carrier that supports you in indulging in blissful, liberating, even ecstatic, paradisiacal states and unity experiences.


To induce deep transformative states of consciousness, certain passages of our music can be experienced as the soundtrack to dramatic films. This is completely deliberate to support your hero’s journey in your adventure movie.

Just like the Yin-Yang symbol that represents the polar composition of the Universe – night and day, light and darkness, man and woman – so the hero and heroine’s journey also consists of different experiences of polarity and life phases that contain excitement, trials, challenges, tasks, redemption, ecstasy etc.


A special way to listen


In order to use music as a catalyst for deep self-exploration and to enhance your life experience, it is necessary to develop a new way of listening.

First of all, it is absolutely essential that you completely surrender to the flow of the music and let the music enter into a process of harmony with your whole body, and that you allow yourself to react to it in a spontaneous way. This includes giving full expression to whatever the music produces in you – animal sounds, crying, laughing, screaming, speaking in tongues, etc.


The music has a special depth in that it contains many different layers. Depending on what experiences you have, you can connect to one or more of these layers. There will always be a layer in the music that can act as a carrier for your particular processes and experiences.


In Axis Mundi’s extraordinary vocal performance, we deliberately avoid using intelligible words that you are familiar with. Music is an open landscape that both produces and supports exactly the experiences, insights and epiphanies that you need.



You can use our creative music landscapes and sound technology in many different ways – for meditation, relaxation, work while cleaning the house, enjoying your life, inner travel and spiritual transformation.



To summarise:

    Get into the music and let it flow through your system.

    Let yourself be led by the music and see what happens / appears.

    Listen, not just with your ears but with your entire sensory system, your entire body.


Due to the fact that it is channelled music, there is “spirit energy” in it, and therefore it facilitates access – opens the portal – to the spirit world and other planes of consciousness.

Ceremony in The Magic Garden - The Master Creator (Full album, 6 hours 37 min.)

  • 6 hours, 37min.

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