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Women’s Retreats

In many parts of the world, women's circles are emerging in various editions. As in the '70s basic groups and women's communities of indigenous societies, there is a need in our time again for women to meet in loving, supportive and appreciative communities of being a woman, and the world needs more feminine primacy.

Inspired by this trend in time, we offer a ceremony only for women.


During this women's retreat, we hold a ceremony with a sacred tea that has been used in shamanic work for many centuries. We offer a warm, safe and loving space that provides participants the best conditions to go deep into the healing and transforming inner processes that the sacred tea opens up to.


The ceremony is conducted in a unique way in which the facilitators use aspects from Native American and Nordic shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and psychotherapy. As a traveler, you will experience a setting where you can get the help and care you need at any time during the process. The space is carried by emotion, spaciousness and great attention to the processes of the individual.


The soundscape during the ceremony is created with a special focus on supporting the inner work with the sacred tea. There will be singing and instruments complemented by music created by Axis Mundi (The Magic Garden's own band). With her voice-healing, Ecaterina adds a powerful healing and redeeming energy that is, for many, invaluable support for their inner work.





The sacred tea used at the women's ceremony is used to work, heal and redeem the areas of our lives, where we feel stuck and need help to move forward. It can help us see our potential, find inner guidance and create balance in all areas of our lives.


The tea works multi-dimensionally during an inner journey, and often with different layers of our being. The themes mentioned below on the physical, mental and spiritual levels will therefore almost always be interrelated. As we begin to discover these contexts, deep inner realizations of, why we are who we are, appear. At the same time, a whole new inner freedom seeps in as we let go of all the often invisible luggage we have carried around most of our life.


Examples of themes that may come up during an inner journey:


On the physical level:

►diseases (and the cause of these)

►physical blockages

►chronic pain

►abuse - for example, alcohol, hashish, medication





On the mental level:



►addiction - example food, sex, ludomania

►emotional blockages

►negative patterns in family relationships or relations to other people

►negative self-perception, lack of self-esteem


►a closed heart


On the spiritual level:

►(re-)finding a deeper meaning with life

►feeling connected to a greater whole

►transcend the notion of only being one's ego

►experience universal love

►contact with higher spiritual beings

►visit other dimensions

►past life experiences

►receive insights and visions


The facilitator team

The ceremony is facilitated by the experienced and proficient women Ecaterina and Pernille assisted by one experienced facilitator and two or three helpers undergoing facilitator training.


Ecaterina Moth is a spiritual guide, facilitator, singer, and healer. She is the co-creator of The Magic Garden - a place that is created to support people on their adventure of self-discovery. 

Ecaterina has been singing all of her life. She is a graduate from a 7-year program at a music school as a pianist and from the Music Conservatory as a singer.

She started her inner journeys in 2001. Through undertaking hundreds of deep inner journeys, with Jacob Moth as her guide, Ecaterina felt her heart expanding and has gained many experiences of feeling at one with all beings and universes.

Ecaterina is facilitating group ceremonies, individual sessions and couples therapy. She has been guiding hundreds of people in ceremonies and sessions where she both sings and supports them through their journeys with authenticity, love, and compassion.

With unique devotion, empathy and patience Ecaterina support people to go deep into themselves and feel, embrace, release and process powerful experiences and emotions.

People express that they feel welcome and loved in Ecaterina’s affectionate presence.

Ecaterina’s magical elf-like singing is an essential part of the powerful and transformative ceremonies and concerts offered at The Magic Garden.

Pernille has a background as a school teacher and is a Diploma Graduate in special pedagogy. She has worked as a counselor for many years for both children and adults.

Furthermore, she has an education in gymnastics and has been singing and playing music since her childhood.

Pernille has throughout her life worked with many psychological and spiritual modalities. She began her inner journeys in 2017 and has participated in both group ceremonies and individual sessions.

Pernille has been the apprentice of a shaman for over two and a half years and has been a part of the facilitator team in The Magic Garden since spring 2018. Pernille has been facilitating both group ceremonies, individual sessions, and couples therapy.

Participants describe Pernille as being very calm, grounded, warm, compassionate and loving and having a primordial mother and grandmother energy in her way of supporting people on their deep inner journeys.  


Schedule Example

  • 7:45 - 8:00 Arrival  

  • 8:00 - 8:45 Introduction and opening circle  

  • 8:45 - 9:00 Breathing exercises, questions, and answers 

  • 9:15 to apr. 16:00 CEREMONY  

  • 16:00 -17:30 Mandala drawing as integration 

  • 17:30 - 18:30 Sharing circle 

  • 18:30 - (or when we are done)  Dinner and rounding 


During the ceremony, we sing and play drums, piano, percussion and more, and complement with music from Axis Mundi.

About the ceremony

Read more about the specifics and details of how we conduct our ceremonies in The Magic Garden here.


We look forward to meeting you and seeing you flourish.


Love, light, magic, and blessings

Pernille & Ecaterina