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In this time of uncertainty and frustration it can be helpful and comforting to look at a bigger picture. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

Take a break

The first thing that comes to my mind is that in our super stressed, production and consumption communities, it is probably very healthy and good to have a break. Yes, there are companies, private, artists and many others including myself and The Magic Garden, who get some financial chops and it's not fun. And of course, we must follow the directions given by the National Board of Health and the politicians. But I still have an experience that we all benefit getting a break.

Be aware of the Collective mechanisms in times of crisis

The second thing that comes to my mind is that like in so many other times of crisis, two things often happen: On the one hand, collective inner demons are brought to life in the form of fear, projections of inner shadow, demonization, etc. On the other hand people are forced to stick together more, as this is about common survival. Like in so many other similar situations (war, famine, natural disasters, etc.) it also brings increased compassion, greater love, increased charity and greater fellowship.

SEE FROM ABOVE with The Helicopter perspective

The third thing that comes to me is to see everything that is happening now at this crucial time, with the widest possible helicopter perspective. Now it's probably going to be really spacy for someone, and the following really requires a long and in-depth explanation. But I venture to come up with a compressed attempt.

New Age for Mankind

To The years 800 - 300 BCE accounting have been described by many as a crucial time that lifted humanity into a new age called: "The Axial Age". The hallmark of that period was that prominent philosophers, mystics, great intellectuals and other true pioneers founded great spiritual, religious and philosophical systems. And they form the basis of our entire civilization. Rick Tarnas, who has in dept studied the planets' movements in the context of world history, gives special attention to the period 600 to 500 BCE, when the three outer planets of our solar system - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - were in conjunction. A phenomenon that only occurs with an interval of about 5,000 years. In this very period of about 60 years came, among other things. Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Pytagoras and all Greek philosophy were founded. Before this time, it was only Pharaohs and similar god kings who could be divine. The Buddha, Taoism and several other liberating systems now gave us the insight and realization that we all have the divine within us. In Hinduism described as Atman (the individual soul) equals Brahman (the World Soul).

Insights during deep self-exploration

During deep self-exploration you can access what can be called and experienced as "The Master Plan". In these modes, one can also gain direct experiences from the fact that the Universe consists of many multidimensional and multifaceted realities. In our everyday state of consciousness, we typically have the experience being separate individuals living only once. In non-ordinary and meditative states of consciousness one can get the realization that we are a soul that incarnates in many lives and that our time as a soul is thus extended to many thousands of years. In other states, you may find that all people are part of a larger group of souls, such as a country or a continent, or that all people are a large unified field of consciousness. A field of consciousness that Christopher Bache calls "The Specis Mind”.

Divine boredom and creativity

Back to The Master Plan. The Universal Mind plays with itself, consisting primarily of hide and seek. Ken Wilber talks about the ascending path and the descending path. The Spirit - the Universal Mind - swirling into a play where it forgets its own identity. Why? The deepest cause is a matter of Divine Boredom. The Universel Mind wants to see and experience itself in a multiplicity of aspects. So it unfolds its unparalleled megafantastic creativity. A creativity so magnificent that a wealth of universes are created. It splits itself up and becomes incarnate at all sorts of different levels of consciousness: stones, plants, animals, solar systems, gods, humans, the Species Mind, etc. After swirling into all these roles, it forgets itself, forgets its innermost identity. Like an actress who gets so immersed in her own role that she for a moment forgets who she is. And at some point in his quest for happiness and ecstasy, the journey then begins back to the Source. Back to seeing his "face" again as it is. It is a journey of millions of years, perhaps billions of years. And it is a journey that is also through timeless spaces where years do not really make sense. For time and space is also something that is created and is relative to what state of consciousness we are in.

This journey, this Master Plan, is guided and guided by forces that we cannot comprehend at everyday level. We can't understand it. But it can be experienced and it can be studied by intense self-study and studies of different sciences. One of the most outstanding sciences is the astrology, in which Rick Tarnas has demonstrated a highly remarkable connection between the planets' geometric relationships and world history. Quite simply and succinctly: our individual psyche is related to the "psyche" of the Cosmos. Reasonable mindblowing when you look at the fact.

A global birth

This Master Plan is about waking us up. Waking up to our true innermost being. All the great spiritual traditions have had this realization and developed technologies to make us realize this insight. They have also - more or less - all had the experience of having to get "out of the circuit", out of the limited human experiences and spheres to really realize this condition. My experience - and I know that it is in harmony with several others - is that we as humanity are waking up to this state of togetherness, of deep inner certainty, deep love and deep creativity.

If it is true that we are going through such a wild and unique and completely unique transformation in the history of the Earth, then we are in the midst of a giant global common birth. A birth is not very easy. A birth has challenges, trials, it is often a battle of life and death, a period of enormous transformational potential. A period where nature takes on some fluctuations and presents us with some challenges. Some challenges we have to deal with, challenges that help us grow and wake up. But most important of all. There is a higher guidance. As Ken Wilber writes: Everything is in flow of Taos. Nothing can deviate from that flow no matter how hard it looks. Rick Tarnas repeatedly describes how challenging times and situations have later proven to have positive effects. Uh, it got a little far this way and maybe also incomprehensible and strange to someone. However, I am sure that there are many who have had similar experiences and insights and who can follow me. Everything is in alignment with The Master Plan. We just need to notice what our role is in this plan, and then play our part in the cosmic drama with insight, love and wisdom!

Look and feel inward

My last thought right now is that this is a really good time to look inward. When everything shuts down in this way, give yourself time to feel your inner world.

Live healing

In the next days we will make live healing on facebook and youtube from The Magic Garden.

Next healing is Friday, March 20 at. 11.11 A.M. Everyone is welcome to join us. Please share! Link here:

Blessing, Jacob

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Ecaterina Moth
Ecaterina Moth
Mar 19, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this deep and encouraging perspective.

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