Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly - An Inner Journey

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"In today’s world where hundreds of thousands of people are interested and involved in serious self-exploration, there is an urgent need for honest information and guidelines. Jacob Moth’s “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” is a treasure trove of information that is invaluable for this purpose. It is a remarkable travelogue describing the inner journey undertaken by a serious spiritual seeker with the help of powerful “technologies of the sacred” - psychedelic substances. The honesty with which the author reports all the promises and pitfalls encountered by the dedicated “psychonaut” makes this book a must for all those who have decided to undertake the adventure of self-discovery and to seek deep inner psychospiritual transformation. The author’s extraordinary illustrations help to convey the dimensions of his experience, which are difficult to describe in words."
Stanislav Grof
One of the world's most influential contemporary consciousness researcher, the award-winning author and professor of psychiatry.
Author of LSD Psychotherapy, 
Psychology of the Future,
The Cosmic Game and The Ultimate Journey

Here is Jacob with Stanislaf Grof - the father of transpersonal at transpersonal conference in Basel 2006, where Jacob presents the book, which Stanislaf Grof holds in his hand on the picture.

“Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” is a fascinating epic. Jacob Moth related how his life path has been positively influenced by various mind-altering substances such as LSD and cannabis. Moth’s use of these substances for personal growth and development has not been frivolous; indeed, he walks the path with sincerity and serious intent. He has met with both triumphs and tragedies along the way, and described both with honesty and integrity. This book will appeal to other “psychonauts” and to others with spiritual and philosophical orientations. The reader will enjoy the drawings and illustrations, as well as the way that Jacob has synthesized a very unique personal mythology.
Stanley Krippner
author of Human Possibillities
and Song Of The Siren

The book starts with the first teenage experimentation with the effect of cannabis on the author’s art and moves on to his shamanic initiatory crisis, which sprang from his first high-dosage LSD trip. The author crashes on his first high-dosage LSD and he see the world with no colours, but black and white for 3 years. A living hell, no way out. He searches for help but there is no help to find. Finally he found the way to come through. He started to practise psychedelic sessions combined with therapeutic techniques learned from a pioneering therapist using the technique and terminology of Stanislav Grof.

Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly is a first-hand account that will be especially useful to aspiring psychonauts due to the fact that it excludes nothing: the author’s inclusion of all useful details in session reports, dreams, astrology and ”real life”, some of which would seem embarrassing to certain people, means that the aspiring psychonaut is led all the way, from beginning to end, and gets a view of all dimensions of reality which serve to illuminate each other. All phases are covered in the account, from a regular life over the initiatory crisis, Hell and Purgatory to the arrival in Paradise.

While many books describe excerpts of inner journeys, this is the first to describe all the aspects of a psychonaut’s journey for 20 years.

Through the healthy use of the fruits of the gods, Jacob Moth has achieved the integration of the sacred dimensions of reality into his everyday life and syncretised themes of diverse mythologies into a mythological symphony that is all his own.

Every page of this book is enriched by the author’s artwork illustrating the contents of sessions, dreams and spontaneous visions.

The book is in english, with great art and has 674 pages.

The book has a foreword by perhaps the world's most influential consciousness researcher, the award-winning author and professor of psychiatry Stanislav Grof.

The author had a vision of creating The Magic Garden.

Excerpts from the book:

What people say

"From first glance, i was interested. The land of the nocturnal butterfly was on the table with my psychotherapist, who also makes holotropic breathing. I looked in the book and was immediately fascinated by the many beautiful drawings. It is a very versatile experience to read this book; aesthetic, instructive , surprising and challenging in a very dignified and respectful manner. Jacob Moth's way of writing gave me courage on my own deep life crisis, as Jacobs writing is engaging, explanatory and very open, very honest. I found a deep connection in the book, which I could use to find meaning and peace to be in the difficult time of my life. I felt very comfortable with Jacob's vast knowledge, personal experience and interest that we humans can go our own way. The book gives so fine descriptions of psychedelic experiences and explains thoroughly the circumstances that must be present to walk the road safely. The section of law is serious and highly relevant for further discussion in our community about mental health problems and the treatment of these. I highly recommend the book, both for further contemplation and reflection of one who knows the subject and for new ones. Happy reading :-)
Marianne from Vordinborg, DK

"Dear Jacob ....
Thus a Saturday morning greeting from a changed woman who ended ( the first time) the wildest reading of a biography, a work , a reference book , a visual deeply inspiring peace of art ... well, I could go on ... which has now left me a gift of state .... to have been aware of and will continue to be aware of something very big .... powerful ... loving .... beautiful. I have often felt it necessary for me to go outside to read ... higher ceilings and a clearer link ... which is also linked to the many impressions have increased the total reading time. When I ( almost frozen solid ) bar the heavy valuable book inside , I had to thaw during the very hot shower's rays, and there in the middle of the blessing flowed suddenly the same for me as well-known jazz number "The Man I Love " out of my lips , and everything sounded beautiful and deep ... full of life energy and love"


"It is fantastic, very well written and vivid. Tells about the inner journey where we can get information and answers to everything. It touched me deeply, and I could hardly put it down."
Anne-Marie Læssøe

"Dear Jacob Moth . On December 21, I received a copy of your book : Nocturnal Butterfly. I have now read it and thanks for the experience. This is an exciting, bold beautiful and overwhelming book. Your illustrations are exciting and imaginative and beautiful. This makes the book very special. One can se at you're an old Indian. The drawings are almost like music. I came in contact with Grof because he wrote whar I seemed to have experienced when I got nitrous oxide. The closest I 've tried except wine . It got me to read Grof and meet him every time he came to Denmark. Yet I nod in recognition to many of your experiences and think that you can get far and safely without drugs . it's an interesting discussion . it is special to you , you wrote the book as young as you are. This makes it fresh and passionate. And it is glorious . YOU have taken a lot of bold choices and thereby gained a lot of special experiences that many will enjoy. And you have systematized the problems of drugs which are also important."
Hildur Jackson
Co-founder of Gaia Education, Gaia Center and Global Eco Village Network

"The book points out several places that the described use of drugs is certainly not a universal way and can not be used by anyone . Thank you for it!
The intense work with the mind-altering substances are not alone , it is complemented , among others, by a rich work with mutual therapy ( Klaus Gormsen ) .
In his diary experiences, the author demonstrates a rigorous honesty and openness in the story that is unique . It's an honesty to the compliance of those who work with self-development or therapeutic relationship. " Read more here.
Jon Brüel
Cand. Sc. of physics and astronomy , entrepreneur, telecommunications consultant and holotropic facilitator.

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