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Integration Evenings


Every month except July and August, I (Jacob) conduct integration evenings. 

The intention with these integration evenings is to give you the support and the possibility to figure out the art of how to integrate life-transforming experiences resulting from your journeys in consciousness, including but not limited to the experiences you have had in our beautiful garden. 

The group setting allows for discussion, sharing and listening between each participant, which is essential to the process of integration.

When undertaking powerful inner journeys, I always emphasize that a journey is made up of three different phases; 

1). The preparation, 

2). The journey itself and 

3). The integration. 

Read more about these phases here.


I have always experienced an urgent need to practice this, and now it will be easy and possible for all who participate in these evenings.


The experiences, insights, issues, gestalt or whatever it might be, which need to be worked on during these evenings, will get processed, interpreted and integrated by a wide spectrum of various techniques and methods. One example is dream theory, body therapy, astrotherapy, tarot, gestalt therapy, visualization, positive affirmation, shamanic practice or katharsis therapy. We will practice all of these techniques and methods, and you will learn the skills and tools to do more of this by yourself or with each other. My goal is to equip you with all the relevant knowledge and skills I can to make you as successful as possible on your own adventure of self-discovery.

What makes me qualified to do this, you might reasonably ask.

To put it short, through the course of my life I have been led down long paths of self-reflection and self-exploration and have received many different forms of education that relate to these processes from various renowned teachers - Jørgen Lømbye (Taught by famous Dr. Stanislav Grof) and Klaus Gormzen in particular.

If you want to learn the entire story, you can read more by clicking right here.

Practical information

As mentioned above, the Integration Evenings run every month - excluding July and August - from 18.00 - 21.00 CET.

They, along with all of our other services, also take place in our cosmic space station, Axis Mundi Studio.

Due to the magnitude of the work, and the attention it requires on my part for it to run successfully, each evening is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


The price to participate in these evenings are 280 DKK. 

Booking is done through our integrated calendar here.


Become a member - your investment in YOU




Dear Jacob, thank you so much for Integration evening I was participating at.

It was so meaningful and empowering after the journeys I had. It helped me a lot to reconnect with my own inner source and forces on a new level, to be more conscious about it. To feel my strength and energy I carry inside me. To trust my inner voice, spirit and body wisdom. And thank you for giving me a courage to share it with the world.

Life is an amazing journey.

I feel richer, more clear, whole...

Very grateful for this powerful experience.


Alionah V.




The Magic Garden

Kronprinsessevej 11

3480 Fredensborg


When you arrive at Kronprinsessevej 11, you see a wide and three meters high tree stump and to the right a large, green gate. Enter through the gate and walk through the garden to the rear house. The concert takes place in Axis Mundi Studios' specially designed Roundhall.


The Magic Garden is a modern temple designed to be a particularly suitable place for deep meditation.





To show consideration for our neighbors, all parking is done on Slotsgade, which is located approx. 222 meters from Kronprinsessevej 11. Thanks in advance!

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