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fre. 12. mar.


The Magic Garden

Livstransformerende retreat - Life-transforming retreat

Transformation Big Time

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Livstransformerende retreat - Life-transforming retreat
Livstransformerende retreat - Life-transforming retreat

Tid og Placering

12. mar. 2021, 18.00 – 13. mar. 2021, 20.00

The Magic Garden, Kronprinsessevej 11, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark

Om Eventet

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It is our calling in life to support inner travelers and seeking souls on what we at The Magic Garden call the Adventure of Self-discovery.

We are therefore wholeheartedly dedicated to providing you with the most optimal support and guidance in finding what you seek on your life path.

But how can a life-transforming retreat at The Magic Garden help you?

It can do this by creating the best framework for you to seek into yourself like never before.

You will experience a powerful and life-transforming inner journey in your consciousness catalyzed by the magic of the place, modern shamanistic original travel music, sacred tea and an experienced travel team.

This journey entails deep inner healing and transformation of e.g. childhood traumas, anxiety, depression and pain. Our travelers strongly suggest that the healing and transformation has seemed like several years of regular therapy.

At a life-transforming retreat with us at The Magic Garden, you can therefore safely expect the following:


You have a personal conversation before the ceremony with our shaman Jacob (36 years of experience).


You are in a modern temple, which is designed and constructed to open up to meditative, transformative and spiritual states of consciousness.

The Magic Garden is the only one of its kind on Earth and is therefore a magical experience in itself. The site's many locations, sculptures, spaces and facilities are manifested as the universal archetypes and the Hero's Journey - all to support you in your inner journey.


You receive the power, healing and guidance of Jacob and Ecaterina, who has 55 years of experience with inner journeys, personal and spiritual development, therapy, altered states of consciousness, and group processes.

You also receive help, support and guidance at any time during the course from our entire experienced and selected travel team, which, in addition to Jacob and Ecaterina, consists of 2 facilitators and 2-4 loving assistants, each with their own skills and experience.


You experience a family atmosphere based on security and trust in a group of max. 11 participants.


You experience truly unique, professional and channeled live music to travel on that acts powerfully supportive of your inner journey. Our travel band Axis Mundi is led and orchestrated by our shaman Jacob, supplemented by Ecaterina's voice healing, which has a powerful healing and redeeming energy.


You get healthy, organic and vegetarian food both before and after the ceremony, as well as staying in beautiful and magical surroundings with your travel companions.


You have the opportunity to be part of a community with other seeking souls. People with whom you can gain support and exchange experiences and insights with, who understand your experiences, and can be traveling companions on your life path.


You receive professionally recorded music from the ceremony via a sent link immediately after the ceremony. This acts as a powerful integration tool.


You have the option of purchasing an extra integration evening approx. 4 days after the retreat (online or at the place) - an evening only for the group you have traveled with.




During this retreat, we hold a ceremony with a sacred tea that has been used in shamanistic work for many millennia.

The ceremony is conducted in a unique way in that the techniques, methods and processes are based on and inspired by several therapeutic and spiritual traditions, including Dr. Stanislav Grof's practice, Holotropic Breathwork™, Tibetan Buddhism and Native American shamanism.

The ceremony focuses on psycho-spiritual transformation, treatment of trauma, healing, self-awareness, mystical experiences and recognition of both your own deeper nature and the nature of the Universe.

We use our own experience, skills and the physical environment to create a warm, safe and loving space that allows you to go on a deep inner journey and experience the Adventure of Self-discovery.

As a traveler, you will experience a setting where you get the help and care you need at any time during the course.




The sacred tea, in the context of our unique and therapeutic environment in The Magic Garden, acts as a catalyst that activates the inner healer.

When the inner healer is activated, we can work, heal, and redeem the areas of our lives where we feel trapped and need help moving forward. It can help us see our potential, find inner guidance, and balance in many areas of our lives.

The inner healer works multi-dimensionally during an inner journey and often with different layers of our body and consciousness. 

The following themes on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels will therefore be interrelated.

As we begin to discover these connections, deep inner realizations, of why we are who we are and function as we do, will emerge.

 At the same time, an experience of inner freedom will arise as we let go of the old and sometimes invisible luggage that we have carried around most of our lives.

Here are examples of themes that our travelers often encounter, experience and get redeemed on an inner journey:

On the physical level:

►diseases (and the cause of these)

►physical blockages

►chronic pain

►abuse - for example, alcohol, hashish, medication

►fatigue and exhaustion



On the psychological level:


►addiction – e.g. food, sex, ludomania

►emotional blockages

►negative patterns in family relationships or relations to other people

►negative self-perception, lack of self-esteem



►a closed heart

On the spiritual level:

►(re-)finding a deeper meaning with life

►feeling connected to a greater whole

►transcend the notion of only being one's “skin encapsulated ego”

►experience universal love

►contact with higher spiritual beings

►visit other dimensions

►past life experiences

►receive insights and visions




The music during the ceremony is played live by Axis Mundi - The Magic Gardens' own travel band, which consists of Jacob Moth, Ecaterina Moth and Peter Hviid.

During inner journeys, music is the most important tool to guide you. Axis Mundi has specialized in playing authentic, original, live travel music to provide the optimal support for you during your inner journey.

Our travelers express that our music has a healing, transforming and spiritually opening impact on them. They find that the music resonates very precisely and is in harmony with the course of their journey, and at the same time acts powerfully supportive of their inner processes.

Axis Mundi creates an organic sound landscape. We sing and play shaman drums, stringed instruments, rattles, various percussion instruments and synthesizers added natural sounds.

With more than 35 years of experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as creating and practicing music that supports deep journeys in consciousness, Jacob Moth orchestrates a truly unique six hour music landscape that guides the group. Jacob's shaman wand is an exceptional 19-string specially designed butterfly guitar. Jacob is known as one of Denmark's guitar virtuosos.

With her magical elf-like song and voice healing, Ecaterina Moth adds a powerful healing and redeeming energy that, for many travelers, is a significant support for their inner work.

Together with Peter Hviid on synthesizer, Axis Mundi creates extraordinary music that gets recorded and livestreamed and which you can listen to right when you get home. Listening to the music from your journey is a unique way to recall your deep experiences and integrate your journey.

See for more information about our music.


PROGRAM (approx. schedule)



5.50 - 6.00 PM: Arrival.

6.00 - 6.50 PM: Opening circle.

7.00 – 8.00 PM: Guidance by Jacob.

8.00 - 10.00 PM: Dinner and individual talks to Jacob, possibly combined with a walk in the Palace Garden.


9.00 AM - 5.00 PM: CEREMONY and integration with mandala drawing. 

5 PM - 6 PM: Sharing circle.

6 PM – (or whenever we have finished sharing): Dinner and rounding off.




►Spots: There is room for 11 participants.

►Location: The Magic Garden, Kronprinsessevej 11, 3480 Fredensborg.

►Price: DKK 3.300,- for a 2-day retreat including one ceremony and all costs included.

►Application form: Mail to to get an application form.

►If you have questions you can text or call Ecaterina on 23709898.

►Note: You must be fasting, no food and drink in the morning before the ceremony. However, you may drink water.




The ceremony is held at The Magic Garden, which is a modern temple and garden filled with symbolic artwork - a synthesis of tarot, astrology, spiritual traditions, shamanism, mythology, psychology and more. 

The Magic Garden is designed and constructed to be a particularly suitable place to undertake deep psycho-spiritual, healing and transformational inner journeys.

Whatever path your inner healer leads you on, we at The Magic Garden are deeply devoted to providing you with the necessary support and guidance, you may need.

We look forward to meeting you and facilitating transformation and healing Big time.

Love, light, magic, and blessings,

Jacob, Ecaterina & The Magic Garden Team

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