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Fri, Jun 12


The Magic Garden

Life-transforming retreat

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Life-transforming retreat

Time & Location

Jun 12, 2020, 6:00 PM – Jun 13, 2020, 8:00 PM

The Magic Garden

About the Event

►Danish version below.

At this retreat you get:

Deep inner healing and transformation of e.g. childhood traumas, anxiety, depression and pain. Our travelers express that the healing and transformation have saved them for years in therapy.


A personal conversation before the ceremony with our shaman Jacob (36 years of experience).


The opportunity to balance and get ready for the ceremony by meditating outside in The Magic Garden. The place is the only one of its kind on Earth. It is a modern temple designed and constructed to open up to meditative and spiritual states of consciousness.


The opportunity to let go of your past and be reborn by moving through the Death and Rebirth Tunnel in The Magic Garden.


A journey in your consciousness on healing medicine.


Power, healing and guiding by our shamans Jacob and Georg and our healer Ecaterina with a total of 85 years of experience. 


Help, support and guidance tailored to your needs at any time throughout the process by our shamans and 3-4 experienced, competent and loving helpers.


A family atmosphere based on security and trust in a group of only 12 participants.


Professional, channeled live music that powerfully supports your inner processes, including Ecaterina, Jacob and Georg's voice healing, which has a powerful healing and redeeming energy.


Healthy, organic and vegetarian meals both before and after the ceremony.


Shared stay in beautiful and magical surroundings.


Drawing-painting tools and paper made available after the ceremony, so you can express your experience creatively to integrate it deeper.


The opportunity to create a network of like-minded people with whom you can later gain support and exchange experiences and insights.


Professionally recorded music from the ceremony via a sent link, which is a powerful integration tool for you after the ceremony.


During this retreat, we hold a ceremony with a sacred tea that has been used in shamanic work for many centuries. We offer a warm, safe and loving space that provides the participants the best conditions to go deep into the healing and transformational inner processes that the tea opens up to.

The ceremony is conducted in a unique way in which the facilitators use aspects from e.g. shamanism and different spiritual traditions along with psychotherapy. As a traveler you will experience a setting where you can get the help and care you need at any time during the process. The space is carried by empathy, spaciousness and great attention to the individual processes.

The music during the ceremony is created by Axis Mundi - The Magic Garden's own band. During inner journeys, music is the main vehicle that you are traveling on. Axis Mundi has specialized in playing authentic, original, live journey music to provide the optimal support for you during your inner journey. 

Axis Mundi sings and plays shaman drums, rattles, various percussion instruments, stringed instruments and keyboard combined with soundscapes from nature etc.

With her magical elf-like singing and voice-healing, Ecaterina Moth adds a powerful healing and redeeming energy that is, for many, an invaluable support for their inner work.

Visit for more information about our music.




The sacred tea is used to process, heal and redeem the areas of our lives, where we feel stuck and need help to move forward. It can help us to see our potential, find inner guidance and create balance in all areas of our lives.

The tea works multi-dimensionally during an inner journey, and often with different layers of our being. The themes mentioned below on the physical, mental and spiritual levels will therefore often be interrelated.

As we begin to discover these connections, deep inner realizations of why we are who we are, and function as we do, will emerge. At the same time, an experience of inner freedom will arise as we release all the old and sometimes invisible luggage that we have carried around most of our lives.

Examples of themes that may come up during an inner journey:

On the physical level:

►diseases (and the cause of these)

►physical blockages

►chronic pain

►abuse - for example, alcohol, hashish, medication




On the mental level:



►addiction - example food, sex, ludomania

►emotional blockages

►negative patterns in family relationships or relations to other people

►negative self-perception, lack of self-esteem


►a closed heart

On the spiritual level:

►(re-)finding a deeper meaning with life

►feeling connected to a greater whole

►transcend the notion of only being one's ego

►experience universal love

►contact with higher spiritual beings

►visit other dimensions

►past life experiences

►receive insights and visions




The ceremony is led by Jacob Moth and facilitated by the experienced and proficient team consisting of Ecaterina Moth, Georg Stolpe and Peter Hviid assisted by two knowledgeable facilitators and two or three trained assistants, often with different therapeutic backgrounds.

►Jacob Moth (1967) has more than 35 years of experience with psychedelic substances, shamanism, meditation, yoga, experiential psychotherapy and holotropic breathwork. 

Jacob has participated in several workshops and courses, and received lessons from, among others, Stanislav Grof, Terence McKenna, Art Reade, Michael Barnet, and from Danish pioneers such as Jørgen Lumbye, Torben Blond and Klaus Gormsen. 

Jacob is a dedicated inner traveler and gives many sessions following Stanislav Grof's techniques and methods. He therefore has extensive personal experience across the full range of experiences in consciousness. 

Jacob has written about his experiences in his book "Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly - An Inner Journey". Jacob's personal journey forms the basis for both the ceremonies and The Magic Garden. The book's preface is written by Stanislav Grof (MD, PhD and founder of Transpersonal Psychology).

Visit for more information.

►Ecaterina Moth (1978) is a spiritual guide, facilitator, singer and healer. She is co-creator of The Magic Garden. Ecaterina is an experienced inner traveler since 2001. Furthermore, Ecaterina is trained in psychotherapeutic techniques by Klaus Gormsen.

Ecaterina facilitates both group ceremonies, individual sessions and couples therapy. She has guided hundreds of people during ceremonies and sessions where she both sings and supports them through their inner journeys with sincere authenticity, love and compassion. 

Ecaterina is an educated singer f