Life-transforming ceremonies

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“I would like to thank the gods for the Magical Garden to be manifested here on earth.
The magic garden is magical. As simple as it is said and I know it has and will help many people on their way in life on earth.
Thank you very much to the whole crew of this galactic inner journey, which I have had enormously much pleasure from and it is not the last time.
The Magic Garden will see me many times.
With deep peace & balance
∞Allan BrΩch∞

A healed heart also physically. An amazing story.

The shamanic road has always been near my heart and when I just got a problem with heart fibrillation, chronic cough and a huge fatigue, after many years of stress and great sorrows, I decided to make some journeys in the Magic Garden.

After the first journey I came in contact with much sadness, both from this life but also from others. And I understood that I was going on several journeys until the situation was to be cleared. So it was only after the second journey a few months later that the rest of the grief, old tensions and unhealthy 'contract' with people, appeared and was solved and I began to get my life-desire and energy back. I have been aware of these things on a mental level and worked with them but have not been able to position my symptoms myself. It was only when I "surrendered to the Cosmic Healer" and saw the underlying causes that the symptoms began to disappear.

Last time I visited my heart doctor for check of my heart my echo was normal, the ultrasound also showed that there was normal heart rhythm and the values on how much the heart works, which at the previous doctor's thesis was over 1000, was now 162, that is quite normal. The doctor looked at me and asked if I had made an intervention behind his back. He couldn't understand how everything had normalized from having heart fibrillation 75% of the time to almost nothing. I asked if he wanted to know what I had done and when he said yes, I told him about the plant medicine journeys as the biggest thing but also about my osteopath who is well on the way to opening up in my rigid breast ridge and my chinologist that aligns my energy paths and organs. He got a little color on his face and said a little skeptical that yes there are sometimes alternative ways ...

A little reflection and an external reflection of what is happening inside is that I am now seen and watched by men again. I smile for myself and feel that now my heart is healed and clear to be able to receive love again.

I can say that after the second journey with Plant Medicine I saw that I had a heart healing with new joy, desire and energy, but not quite a physical healing. I can sense some times that the heart goes off but it is not something that disturbs my energy, it is more a reminder not to go into stress again.

After the third journey recently I saw that much of my mental activity became quiet and I ended up in a no-mind state where I could just be. It feels like everything old in the backpack is now being honored, taken care of and cured and that I now have to go on a whole new journey of life, like The Fool in the Tarot cards. I'm really looking forward to seeing what life is like now!

I want to thank Ecatarina and Jacob (and the fine helpers) for having created such a wonderful and safe place with the possibility of deep healing. Your dedication and great hearts, your music and voices and your willingness to be with what is left leave me with an infinite gratitude.
Woman 60 years.

Thank you for a amazing inner journey. It has been such a powerful experience that I take care of and carry inside me as something very precious. It's the most beautiful experience I've ever had. I came in contact with an indescribable sadness, but it was so real and at the same time so beautiful and liberating, so it cannot be described. I got in touch with the innermost me ... under all the layers and all the outer things I've been tucked away in. In there was the true core and it was beautiful and liberating. I came into contact with emotions and experiences that I have been struggling for years in therapy to get in touch with. This journey has been more significant and has given me a greater insight than hundreds of therapy lessons throughout whole my life.

I have opened my eyes to things that have been hidden from me. I got an insight into the importance of love and forgiveness. I have been given a gift in relation to the love I feel for my children and which I would like to show and give to them. I was allowed to see that joy can be part of my life. Life can be fun and easy and people can be trusted.

I am grateful and liberated and I have to travel further. There is a call inside me and I have to go that way. I am looking forward, because I know that it will be a journey that will enrich me and make my way on earth easy and beautiful.

I hope that many others will start on that journey because I am convinced that it makes us better, more loving and insightful people.

Dear Jacob and Ecaterina. Thank you from my heart, for making this an opportunity. You are some very special people who have great importance for many.

"I have experienced some negative and traumatic through my short life, which required antidepressant medical treatment, according to doctors, due to previous depression and anxiety.
But I have been antidepressant free for 6 months. And i encountered The Magic Garden, when I googled plant medical treatment.
However, if I had been through this indescribable, beautiful, rancid and magical journey 14-15 years ago, I had certainly avoided medical treatment, psychiatrists and psychologists. I'm 100% sure about that.

After my wonderful inner journey, I have also had a completely different positive and active mindset.

Yes thanks to only one ceremony at Ecaterina and Jacob in the Magic Garden.
I think it was a heavenly experience.

You must know that the fear of having this inner journey was very great. But I would, I would experience the magic.
Because I thought I would not miss this amazing transformation I might want to go through to the positive one.

It should not be concealed that I was nervous in the days up to this inner journey, of course I would like to admit. But for what?
For that day today, I thank myself all the time because I took the step. It has given me so much goodness.
Ever since I meat Jacob and Ecaterina, I felt in the best hands. I felt 100% safe all the way through.

This journey is not my last journey. Because I can feel that there is something that calls.

The price for this trip is such a real price. But if it would have cost double, it is worth it. The one's well-being and good health, which comes out of it, can not be done in money.

My husband has told me that I may not really notice it or can see it on myself.
But he says he experiences one much more happy wife who looks more healthy and has become so much aware of her feelings, thoughts and reactions.

Heidi Gullaksen

This is a story of man who has taken ADHD medicine for 10 years and stopped after just one ceremony.

“When I was going to do a ceremony two and a half months ago, I was told by my doctor that i had to take a break with my ADHD medicine 2 weeks before the inner journey. I've been taking it for 10 years. And I was quite worried about how it would go. And I was told that I also did not have to take medicine three weeks after I had been traveling.
So I would have to miss my medicine for five weeks. And I was very worried how my behavior and such things were going on during the five weeks I did not take my medicine.
And when I had been up on the ceremony, I actually got it that I did not need the medicine. When I look at my medicine, I get it all right, arh, I do not want to take it.
And yes, it's almost three months ago and I have not taken the medicine since, at all. And I do not feel I need it.
My behavior it's very nice and I do not have those fluctuations. I do not need to self regulate me in the same way with the ADHD medicine that I had before.
Now my everyday life works just very well. I still have little challenges in structuring things. But it's okay. But all that with behavior and sleep at night and more, it is completely leveled out.
Yes, that's amazing. And I've also had another ceremony here two and a half months after my first ceremony.
And it has just been amplified. I think I've got even more peace of mind. Just cleaned up quietly.
Where usually the medicine it just made a damper when there was turmoil or twist in mind, these inward travels are just doing something completely different. They create calm. So they give the peace. They do not dampen. They just confront and show what it's need to be done.
And clean up the room. Just cleaned up, cleaned up, cleaned up, cleaned up, cleaned up.
And it's just getting more and more calm.
Thank you so very much.”
Tom Hjort

"I have had an amazing experience with you on the 16th and 17th of March, which, to this extent, still bear fruit a month later. I signed up at the start of February and was up to the ceremony unsure if it would be good for me.

One of the major concerns I had was that I take (a low dose) antidepressant. I was afraid of serotonin shock as it was written online, but after a good conversation with Jacob and after reading a lecture from a doctor who had investigated issues between antidepressants and nature medicine, I was reassured. (the doctor recommends a low dose for some days before taking medicine)

It has been one of the most important decisions I've taken in my life. You'll see me again soon. Much love"

"I've had an amazing experience at your place and its helped me a lot. Since my visit i have been working on the vision i had. I started on HF. I think the ceremony show me the courage to believe in my self enough to do it without judging my self.
The week after the visit was fantastic. I never felt so good before and i experience that if i work on my self i could end up having the life that i wish.
The most beautiful thing was the love i felt. Love to my self, love to every body and love to the life. Its make me realize that love is everything. And that love is the key for me to be happy.
When i was a child i grew up in a home with alcohol and drugs problem. Its set a lot of bad tendencies in my personality. I have tried on my own to fix it before but didn’t have the tools to do it properly.
The ceremony showed me how to take care of my self. I experience that life was beautiful and that i don't have to feel pain. Before that i was thinking that my pain was a part of my incarnation and that i will be feeling that all my life.
I am so sincerely grateful for what you do for me and look forward to see you again.
Thank you so much for your care."

"Dear Ecaterina and Jacob
It was a fantasy journey. I feel healed and very very clear in the brain.
Feels that there has been a major cleansing.
The music carried me through. It was magical.
Has released a lot, which does not earn me anymore.
And it feels a lot, very right.
Will come again a second time when the heart feels like it.
Take care
Much love "

"I am very impressed with how much loving soul and inspiration is in the magic garden both inside and outside. Ecaterina and Jacob are dedicated souls and along with their skilled therapists they send you with love on your journey and stay with you in those difficult moments, take your hand, help your soul with music and heavenly voices that make you let go of what need to in body, soul and spirit. I am so grateful."
Madeliene Wiese

Dear Ecaterina and Jacob
The ceremony was in me for months where I was filled up with the pictures and the music I remember from the journey. My mother died on the third New Year's Day, she was 91 years old, and while holding her hand for her last breath, I felt strongly that both my deceased father and brother were close and the pictures of my brother's energetic long hug during the ceremony reappeared very strongly.
The ceremony opened my eyes to how much energy we are surrounded by, and the dimensions that are also around us give me great security in everyday life. That there is so much around us that will help ...
I will definitely return to you one day during the new year. The ceremony has made me curious about what is more ...
Thank you so much for your great and important work, I look forward to seeing you again.
Hugs and hugs from

"Dear both
THANK YOU for a fantastic ceremony on Friday. It was a fantastic experience and it all still lives in my system. I'm so grateful for having been and being allowed to be in joy and to say more about my process and experience - it was so beautiful.
You are skilled and I will definitely be back when everything is integrated and I notice again. Thank you for being so amazing and taking care of all of us who participated. The music, the voices, the atmosphere, the energy was absolutely amazing. Thanks for you and thanks for this time.
Big hug"

"My own spiritual development has led me many places, and here is the Magical Garden as a bright and bright star. The combination of science, healing and music is, like Terence Mckenna, the epitome of modern shamanism, and it is exactly these balls are masterfully juggling in the garden. It is a spacecraft that manages to reach out to ancient traditions as well as to modern technology and science.
Working with medicine is a major responsibility, but I have always felt safe in the garden, enjoying the great experience of Ecaterina and Jacob, as well as all the things that guests and helpers have to offer. I can only give my warmest recommendation to anyone who has the courage to work with themselves through medicine, to take the walk to The Magic Garden in Fredensborg.
Best wishes"

"Thank you very much.
Both for ceremony, but also to take the role of healers and do this job.
You are absolutely amazing musicians. Jacob your music moved my body to let go and heal. Lellah your voice gave me love and embraced me like a mother's healing hand.
What a magical place you have. When I was friday after our circle, I ran around the garden and explored. I felt my inner child again, I ran around, climbed and was so curious. As I stood in the tower and saw the sun on the right and the moon on the left, everything stood still quiet. Wow.
Thank you for your safe space, your open arms and humility.

"Dear Jacob
Through life, I have been a spiritual and spiritual seeking person.
It is not a coincidence that I have now participated in two fantastic ceremonies with you and your wife in the Magic Garden.
I am deeply surprised by the result and the impact that you, the place and the spiritual journey have given me. Never have I met so much a concentration of pure love and unprecedented understanding for me as a person. And the voyage in cosmic spacecraft.
Your place is a superb portal, to unknown dimensions. It's as if I have received a revelation and a new insight. Which has a noticeable impact on my everyday life. I rest more in myself. Have a good feeling that my physical and spiritual goals have become more realistic and achievable. It is with a greater calm and joy I meet my life. It has become easier to do my things.
The gratitude itself ... "
Palle Nielsen

"A very beatiful and magical place by even more beautiful, magical and loving people. I experienced an incredible transformation. When i am in nature, i can feel my surrounding so much more, everything looks way more beatiful and i can see live in nature again. And i feel so much more alive. I feel a lot more powerful, concious and confident. Really so much has changed, i didn't know that such a transformation is possible in such a short time A truely powerful and healing place."
Christoph Thcamnho

"I am in the midst of a huge transformation and integration phase that makes every day so different from the other. There is a bit of up and down on everything at the moment, but my basic feeling is that it's a good thing and I am on my way to the right place . The most obvious change right now is that my restlessness has disappeared. It's simply no more, and it just made room for soooo much peace and contact to myself.
It is wonderful though, and has been a wish for the last many many years. I'm standing somewhere now with a blank page in front of me, my plans have not changed, but my relationship to every thing I do has changed. I feel myself, I breathe in and I really take a position on whether it's good or bad for me what I do. I am learning to know myself again and I am really happy as I am. When I am tired, I rest and when I have energy for it, I give it and it feels more right than anything else. I have understood what it means to give pure love and it's simply the biggest, but it requires me to take care of myself so I have something to give up. And balance between not giving everything but saving something to myself. It's a balance I'm exploring right now and getting slowly better and better, but everything is so new to me.

You are wonderful I am so grateful and glad that you are you and you do what you are doing. I have helped to mingle with myself and now I start learning to take care of myself. It's a fantastic journey I'm on now and I feel so lucky that you've created the framework and support for my transformation back to myself.
I look forward to seeing you again and I wish you all the best
Hug, love "

The music is gentle, full of animal sounds and space, meets the body as a gentle whisper. I relax, can feel something starts to work. Being embraced by something soft and nice, turning around on the side, crumbling me together to hold on to the heat. Ecaterina begins to sing to the music. She walks around between us, the effect is amazing. She sings in high clear opera tones, in a rhythmically pulsating play there for it to jerk in the body of joy. Her song is like a gurgling spring that teases the winter for its stillness and cold. For my inner dances, changing structures and shapes dance into a beautiful luminous dance that follows the music and the movement of the song. "Keep singing! it is so surprising, ”the dots and sources in my soul. She is like a Mother Light, a magical creature, a bubbly fairy who can make forests to flourish, get everything alive to tingle, giggle, peep and laugh. All worry about a bad journey is gone, I'm in a soft and persistent embrace. Thank you very much.

"Many times thank you for a wonderful and transformative journey. I must just say that it works in me constantly and insights continue to rumble and become clearer ...!
Thank you to all those beautiful people who willingly allowed this space to be possible. "

"My intention going into the ceremony was to release from the mental cycle of feeling life as an 'enduring obligation' - a neverending 'ToDo' list that didnt leave much space for joy, expression or being. The preparation email the week before was really clear and I was grateful for that because I was nervous. The coming-together circle really set the tone and loving space, and Jakob gave clear instructions that were simple enough that I could remember them during the journey. In terms of the journey itself, what I experienced was the superb 'holding' of energy and space by the whole team, the music, singing, gentle attention and care, and the absolute mastery of timing of everything as the energies shifted. A truly loving space was created that felt safe enough for me to breathe into very deep grieving and burn out/break the mental cycle of judgement and come into a more accepting and loving space of what life is and where joy has a space. I really enjoyed sitting in the late afternoon sunshine and enjoying the amazing garden afterwards. In the weeks and months since the journey, the mental circling is gone - completely. A week after the journey, I did feel a wave of "what am I doing here" but it moved after a few hours and I havent had that since. I feel more peace that I ever thought that I could, and am developing better clarity about what joys are available and how to access them. My potential to experience love has increased trememndously. I am grateful beyond words and will be back to journey more.
Hugs and love"

"Many thousands thank you all for an unforgettable and enriching weekend."

"I am feeling fantastic!
I can definitely sense a difference that something has happened to me!
I feel I've become more open, listening and present and wake up with a smile on my lip every morning. So nice!
I also feel I need a ceremony more. So I will definitely be back.
It has been so nice to meet you! I am deeply grateful for your warmth and goodness! It seemed so good that you have devoted your life to helping others and show them the way! Great respect!

"A beautiful place, so warm, welcoming, vibrant and loving. A place to (re)connect to your inner highest self, where you cannot be anything else but inspired to find what you are looking truly for, when you make a visit.
I recommend everyone to go to their Fullmoon Concert and even discover more and other events, to look deeper within.
Thank you for all the beautiful, loving energy you put into this place and all the love you are sharing.
Love, love, love"
Reikie Rose

"Thank you very much for a very nice and safe weekend and ceremony with you.
So much and loving care you give.
It's a great gift you have to offer.
Again, it has been very redeeming and insightful for my psyche to travel."

“I can't even explain what is happening in my life right now. Manifesting and experiencing everyday miracles. Forever grateful! This was the push I needed. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!! I love you all and you'll see me again”

"I've had an amazing experience at your place and its helped me a lot. Since my visit i have been working on the vision i had. I started on HF. I think the ceremony show me the courage to believe in my self enough to do it without judging my self. 
The week after the visit was fantastic. I never felt so good before and i experience that if i work on my self i could end up having the life that i wish.
The most beautiful thing was the love i felt. Love to my self, love to every body and love to the life. Its make me realize that love is everything. And that love is the key for me to be happy. 
When i was a child i grew up in a home with alcohol and drugs problem. Its set a lot of bad tendencies in my personality. I have tried on my own to fix it before but didn’t have the tools to do it properly.
The ceremony showed me how to take care of my self. I experience that life was beautiful and that i don't have to feel pain. Before that i was thinking that my pain was a part of my incarnation and that i will be feeling that all my life.
I am so sincerely grateful for what you do for me and look forward to see you again.
Thank you so much for your care."

"The Magic Garden is an amazing place in many ways. The unusual atmosphere of this place as well as beautiful nature and architecture allow you to travel deeper into your mind and reached a deep level of relaxation. Jakob and Ecaterina are wonderful people who, thanks to their dedication, knowledge and creativity, allowed me to safely get to know myself better and started to tame what was usually hidden in the area under consciousness.
During the ceremony I experienced beauty and love about which I didn't even know that they exist, I feel that thanks to this I'm becoming a more self-conscious and free person.
I also participated in one of Full Moon concerts, I'm still very impressed with professionalism and music that allowed me to experience incredible energy and positively tune me for the next week of work. I can only add that for a few days the smile didn't come off my face, this is a wonderful place which I recommend to everyone."

"I'm back home now after very intense days. I had some more insights and ideas about my life. And through the ceremony i could get a glimpse of my power and my potential and saw that my potential can be quiet huge (i hope :-)). And i know how strong this is related to taking responsibility. I also see that i don't feel this power all the time and that there will be times when i feel powerless again. But i know that i'm on a good way now and that i can always choose how i want to spend my time and life. Only i am responsible for how i feel and with my actions i can influence that a lot.
I also want to change so much about my life. I know now that i can't feel good living at my parents place and having no own income. The pain i feel here is valid and important but i can also feel moments of joy and relief here when i do things that resonate with me. I hope i have the courage and power to get things rolling quickly.
Also after healings i can reach even deeper layers of pain. I thik i have more tools and capacity to go into it now, like using my breath etc.

There are still moments where i can fall back in old patterns but i feel that i'm on the way to manifest the life that i really want to live and that wouldn't be possible without you. I am so deeply grateful for you! You do miracles and you help so many people and the whole world at large. That is so powerful and wonderful and you are so powerful and wonderful :-)
Much love"

"Competent, cordial, respectful and professional in working with you, the magic garden is the place where you can safely throw control of the table and indulge in your own process."
Anne Sophie Cronfelt

"Thank you for thinking of me and taking so well care of me in your beautiful space I am landing well. It has taken a few days to really get back in my body and trust that I am fully fit and functional :-) Have had some episodes of anxiety but gotten myself back to a more grounded level than ever. I feel that my connection with my body has deepened and some new doorways have opened, there is more trust and relaxation in general. 
I have a friend that I feel a very close soul connection to but he just wants to be friends at the moment and because we spent a lot of time together in my inner journey and I got so much love confirmed on that level it makes it so much easier for me to relax with what is on the outer level and that is a HUGE shift for me :-) 
I am pretty sure I will come back for another journey in a few months"

"In the magic garden - there is magic - nothing less. A universe free of prejudices. A universe where the soul's call cries out to heaven - and is heard. Jacob and Ecatarina touch my heart as few, along with them, love is strong and simple. The garden is the wildest frame, the proof of the wildest travel - Ecatarinas song I've never heard such. Her voice creeps into the deepest corners and fills them up with love and joy .. I'm totally crazy about you and will encourage anyone to visit this magical place and these wonderful people."
Anette Butow

“I am so grateful for the journeys and healing that I have received in the magic garden. I can deeply recommend participating in a ceremony in this safe, friendly and professional space. Big thanks to Jacob and Lila Ecaterina for creating this and sharing their magic with us. peace”
Miriam Mahony

"I have listened for many hours to your amazing and supernatural beautiful music. It is very healing and truly beautiful to listen to."
I am very much looking forward to participating in a full moon concert and equally to sound healing on Friday.
Thank you for creating here this magical place”

”Magic with magic made miracally with conscious love and curosity beyond dreams and reality. Deeply impressed and inspired to know this gem and its creators. The journey is always on here but also comes together. So grateful for the healing insights and bubbling joy I have gained and shared here... A stone throw away from a real castle, join the real magic.”
Dagomara Danza

”A connection between Spirit and Earth, transformation, synergy between magic symbols, tarot cards and inner processes. And most importantly I appreciate the most caring,affectionate and forthcoming people Jacob and Ecatarina Moth. I highly recommend the Magic Garden to inner and outer travellers.”
Pernille de Neergaard

"It's a great gift for me to have you as facilitators on inner journeys.
I clearly notice that I have once again released old traumatic matter.
There is now more calm, ease, presence and confidence in me.

”If you are looking for an extraordinary and supportive place for your inner journey, surroundings that support you and healing concerts The Magic Garden is the place. Ecaterina & Jacob are experienced, professional and taking their responsibility very serious. I deeply recommend their Universe.”
Charlotte Østervang

”The magic garden is a great place where dreams and imagination meet, a place that definitely helped to create the person I am today. If you have not been in the magic garden before, you have not lived a whole life yet.”
Rasmus Blidegn

"The Magic Garden is not just a vision that has taken decades to manifest. There is also a deep, fundamental foundation that carries an indescribable, healing, warm, creative and profound energy. It is the energy of the Magic Garden, which is magical and which really moves in a transforming, healing development that provides so much heartwarming nutrition to body, soul and mind. I always go from there with more peace in my heart, with more peace of mind, and with greater revelations and love, raising my soul's divine being and integrating it into my person. The Magic Garden is a universal gem in Zealand, with Jacob and Ecaterina as powerful and spectacular magicians. As guides, leaders and healers. From the heart, a deep thank you, for you and your miraculous work. "
Nathalia Simoni Barraza Candáz

"I will never forget all the light and all the rainbow of colours I had and was bathed in during the 1st part of the session.
Thank you for your presence and your wonderful music and your amazing angelic voice that was up in the highest heavenly lyrical layers. Looking forward to hearing music and singing again. Much love"

”Jacob and Ecaterina's vision and the development of The Magic Garden shows a magnificent journey of a hero and a heroine. The dedication, perfection and love at work in The Magic Garden is exceptional. I am full of gratitude for the beautiful and deep experiences I have had in their company and will recommend The Magic Garden to anyone seeking transformation towards deeper understanding of self, nature and the universe.”
Cathrine Løvetand

”The Magic Garden is truly magic! It’s such an amazing space with amazing people - the perfect place to start an inner journey! ”

"Set and setting is really crucial for a good trip and I think I can not be better than in the magic garden, I felt completely calm and confident in Jacob's hands. Great attention to the individual's condition and needs, profound knowledge of the consciousness plans, universes and feelings you move around make you dare to float freely. Jacob's inspirational guitar and drummer, Ecatarina's beautiful song, helps to guide and guide one on the journey.
Thank you very much, i´ll come back again and again."

"At a time when the people are ruled by external needs - more money and more power .... At a time when fear causes people to isolate themselves and turn their back on mother earth, you find this wonderful and holy place. A garden - A round hall - Two people who live after their calling and lovingly welcome everyone. Fellow human beings who defy the negative consequences and vibrations of the capitalist modern world - like seed that re-germinate through the devoured and contaminated mold ... Here again, love can sprout uncontrollably. A circle is formed.
With confidence and respect, I have been guided on my inner journey ... Enjoyed my breath - warm presence - soulful and gentle tones helped me out.
Universal love has been given and received around this cermony. Eternal gratitude for you - Jacob and Ecaterina - You are the most beautiful couple I have ever met.
OneLove *

Ecatarina and Jakob are eminent spiritual musicians of very special class. As God-given talent, they move safely and at home in a spiritual universe where they can bring the traveler to places where the world begins - to the center of the cyclone. The music is part of the transformation of the traveler. A transformation into energy of infinite love, all of which arises - if you dare to surrender. That's fun, because you are in good hands.

"Thanks for a great experience!
Thank you for having such GREAT hearts.
Deep gratitude for all that is
also inside me "

"I feel a lot better than before the ceremony. It's like I've returned to my spark of life." I deeply understood that I can live my life for me, for my sake, all my life has been in service and given life , energy and support for others and i just went down. So the underlying `contracts' have resigned and It has set me free in a new way. I'm still in a transformation and have many dreams but it's a real one good place to be on and not so much sadness anymore :-) "

"Thank you so much for a magical weekend wonderful people. Aho"

"I was a ceremony at Jacob. It was another great experience with 8 other travelers, and our" common "theme was a pain in the soul. Depression, anxiety and lack of self-esteem. We all got what we needed and it was magical that the live music just matched each one. Thanks for the beautiful music and the amazing song Jacob, Ekatarina and George. I am deeply grateful and feel blessed ...

Dear Ecaterina.

Thank you very very much for a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful and warm weekend journey. That's what I've been looking for throughout my life. I feel like I've started a journey where there is no way back and I have no desire to stop because I know it will be more beautiful for every step I take.

I am in the process of writing myself through my journey and I promise that as soon as it is in place, you will get my warmest and best description of the journey and the meaning and importance it has had for me.

I want to ask you already now, if it is possible that I attend another ceremony on 26 and 27 April. I would love to earlier, but unfortunately this is not possible for me simply due some practical reasons.

The best, warmest and most beautiful greetings for you and Jacob.
I am deeply grateful for my life right now, and to find my way out of recurring depression, which for 23 years has spoiled my life. The way out is a ceremony, and it has made a huge difference for me. 3 times in a month, changed my life and I feel newborn and very sure that it is a lasting change. Thanks to you who helped me on the road. Loving hug.


"The magic garden is a magical place, there is no doubt at all. It is a portal to the other side of consciousness, which is often not found in the busy, hurried day. A portal for healing and expanding the spirit of the subject and the self. However, it is also a portal where one's deeper and more existential fear can often be taken as your 'doorman' for the further development of your own. Whether it be past mental trauma from ego birth, broken or misunderstood ties in love, or the desire for higher reconciliation and spaciousness in the reach of consciousness and love. Yes, it is a place where such self-blocking boundaries one may have, much easier are released by the intuitive reconciliation and healing power (e-motion ) in the self and the whole body with ... But also a place where the contact of just the collective consciousness is usually much stronger, one you usually experience it and why your calm and preparation will get you good. If you keep your honesty and love at the front, there's nothing to fear for that reason either ..
It will also be worth considering about other complementary therapies in combination with this, such as holotropic breathing exercises, yoga, body therapy, awareness, craniosacral therapy (especially good for births, etc.) as well as natural medicine, common, as well as simple sessions, etc., and as Jacob and Ecatarina sessions function brilliantly in supplement with. All pain, whether it is from the ego self-defense primitive defense mechanisms, the self / soul or body, can be solved and brought forward here, but be sure to spend time working on integration for the first to several weeks after to get the full benefit and release in your everyday life.
The magic of the magic garden, however, are also the instruments used, such as: live music made in and to the movement of the present and the ceremony and the moods of the adventurers; as well as communal eating and open gathering and respect for the inherent vulnerability. But it is especially the couple, Ecatarina and Jacob who work not only in the boundaries of what the conventional community has yet to accommodate and yet bend to hijack, so it is with full dedication to their vision and dreams for one better and healthier and sustainable loving world they lead a banner for and something as personal, vulnerable and intimate as our own and common 'self', its best-breed and well-being.
The most loving greetings"
Rune Brøkner Lorentzen

"On the first voyage of Jacob's spacecraft (almost 4 weeks ago) I got a taste of and for freedom - and here in the past weekend I could go deeper into what it takes to stay more and more free :). I'm still in the process of freeing me from the heavy and heavy chains on the wrist and (right) ankle.
I am very grateful for all the help, support (physical as well as moral), time, patience and love I received from Ecaterina Condrea, Jacob Sebastian Rose Moth and Martin Kufahl, but it was also important and valuable to share and exchange personal processes with the six lovely fellow travelers :). It is a life-expanding and stimulating experience that you can be more in the same room while keeping each in your own mind with the individual sounds and movements that you now need to make. Nice to experience and confirm that sounding from the outside does not have to interfere, but on the contrary can stimulate one's own process. Thank you so much to the weekend's travel company for a life-loving trip ... where I sometimes could not remember our location location :) "
Anne Marie

Thank you for a life-celebrating ceremony this weekend. Medicine for breakfast is not for fun! Wow i just say Woke up today fresher and higher in life than I have been for a long time. Thanks to the four helpers and all who attended. Have a beautiful day everybody.
Anders Højhus

"An exciting weekend where I entered a new door into an old-world Universe, along the way, I received an answer as to why Raziel asked me to visit the Magic Garden. An old friend had to remind me of many things I had neglected, slandered, maltreated and forgotten, and we reconciled in the most beautiful way Dear Co-workers: Thank you for your openness, honesty and kindness. The Set and Settings were amazing and well-prepared. It clearly reflects Jacob and Ecarina's many years of experience with this kind of ceremonies. I'm safe and well-protected Thank you so much It was a great surprise that Jacob and Ecatarina, both instrumental and vocal, moved around in the musical universe, Love and a great blessing to all of you. May your God guide you on it best way."

"My 3rd Ceremony in the magic garden.
Woke up Sunday morning at. 05:00, my ego was cheating on me and trying to convince me that everything is fine and I do not have to go on an internal journey to find myself real the night before agreeing with Jacob to give it full speed, so I can really get into the depths, so the poor self is scared of being completely disconnected. Talk to Jacob before the ceremony about my doubts about how powerful I'm going to send and again I'm pleased to be with Jacob, his profound knowledge and years of experience with traveling in the mind makes me calm and ready to go full Strength, set and setting are really crucial.
Drink my tea and wait for my demons ready for battle.
It will be, as usual, not as I expect
Deep and comfortable calm, very present, super aware of the music that E Caterina, Jacob and Mark play live. It's unreally good as if poetry and magic have merged to show what words can not tell. E Catarina's song cares about me as in almost physical care while the notes that come from Jacob and Mark are most sounds like theirs and our feelings are in direct contact with their instruments, MAGI. Lifting my eyeband to see if they really sit and play or if there are called fantastic musicians, E Caterina sits beside me, and from her belly there is a dark redding pulsating light like the song Jacob and Mark are sitting just and looking satisfied.
Their ability to be present when you need it, with the exact help you need, shows that they really know what they are doing.
Compassion and gratitude seemed to be my theme on this trip, got more visions about my work and why I'm there right now in my life.
It must come in Part 2"

"Thanks from the depths of my heart.
I lack the word so far. It's been so long since my consciousness has moved so fast through time and space that I had to turn OMG over and over again for a thorough and thorough cleansing ...
Thank you all four from our Groundcrew, as well as to all your other loving souls on the team.
My soul calls on my creative actions ... "

Here you can read ceremony reports, where you can get an idea of what can be experienced. All journeys are different and as in nature or cosmos, there is a great diversity, the same goes for internal journes.

“First of all, I would like to thank the gods for the Magical Garden to be manifested here on earth.
The magic garden is magical. As simple as it is said and I know it has and will help many people on their way in life on earth.
Thank you very much to the whole crew of this galactic inner journey, which I have had enormously much pleasure from and it is not the last time.
The Magic Garden will see me many times.

My first journey on the 7th of 2018 in the magic garden.

I describe it as follows:
1 First, the experience I had
2 Next is the insight I got right after the experience.

I wander on a galactic bridge through the cosmos with stars and planets on each side and up and down. There are more people on the bridge and I discover to my surprise that all those who go there with me on the bridge are "the enlightened" also called "the illuminated" practicing the word of God or what one would call the creation.
We sing and dance and suddenly I see Jacob walking a little in front of me and playing his butterfly guitar ,, he turns around and smiles at me ,,, in the same way I notice the side of the bridge on both sides there are a lot of doors in to small rooms and I see a lot of people heading into the rooms.
I get in touch with someone who's on my way. He looks a little sad besides he's in there but at the same time he knows it's a necessity in terms of his karmic contract and at the same time I can see that all these rooms are theater pieces that are being played around the whole world inside the rooms. Those who are on their way are actors and play their last piece.
I send telepathic to him that everything is going to be ok and he and everyone else just have to play the game and when finish, come out to us and walk with us in love song - dance and music

Although the world looks chaotic right now and many fear for the future, everything is perfect and in the most beautiful order.
And we must teach our fellow human beings that they have free will to choose and they are eternal consciousness that is in constant motion in search of new challenges that will make the creation of power grow in love for the Creation / God or what one will call it.
And as we set ourselves a goal, the goal is not to reach the goal itself, but the path to it is the essence we must teach ourselves to enjoy.

Ps: I will come with more experiences from that day, but I have to put them in place in my system.

With deep peace & balance

∞Allan BrΩch∞

"I am in the round hall with 8 others. We have known each other for almost a day and just woke up after a night in the magic garden. The journey begins soon.
There is a safe and trustworthy atmosphere - and everyone is excited ...
... I drink of "the Holy Grail", lay down and take my eyes on. Feel the place, the people, the sounds .... Waiting. First a yoga nidra, and then the actual journey starts.
Moth's wizard song and drum and guitar play and Ecatarina's wonderful song fills the room .... replaced by meditative sound .... Compositions perfect for the purpose ... elongate passages ... the sounds mix and give room ... replace each other .. play with each other
.. I lay down and I do not go long before I leave my body.
A world of new dimensions is revealed. I can move in all directions, but in a new way ... with another part of myself. It is perceived that all common beliefs break down: Distances are what they make them ... I can be anywhere, if I wish. Time is being broken down .... past, present and future becomes available .... REAL MATRIX !!!!
At one point I experience myself as a 4 year old. The way I'm in touch with the world and how my learning takes place. Systematically and naturally - without effort - new skills are added to my body and mind. But my innermost I'm infinitely much more than that ... A little later I'm about 20 years and experiencing the strength I have acquired. It's a wonderful feeling and completely tripped that I can choose where I am ...
It's all a given system in which we are. In many plans. The music makes me puffed around, like in big bubbles, in this plasma-like universe. It accompanies me on a different level ... I'm laughing ... clucking .... delighted at this insight. As if I know, everything was such, but never experienced it this way. I'm 100% sure that this reality is at least as real as the one we usually find ourselves in. Love is flowing through me.

I also greet my deceased father, who is smiling / waving to me and sending warm energy - before moving on. Nice to know he's fine :)

There is nothing that's good or bad inside here. All sides have an opposite side and it just makes sense to choose the good, although there may also be as much evil / bad. But why should I use energy on it?

At first I was analytical about the music / sounds. Now it's pure experience: Everything is abolished ... everything is ok ... everything has the same meaning ... everything does not matter (in the good way) The values ​​have been repealed - good and bad does not exist. Things are only. So it is up to us to value things in our "earthly" life ... to follow our hearts and go for aesthetics. Beautiful things have value here on earth.

I'm gently hit by one deep insight after another. My intention before traveling was to gain insight into what to work with in the future. Clearly, it is clear that we are all products of what we have used our lives so far. The accumulated knowledge of each individual can then be used in different ways ... to be used. Just like in a giant anthill that transcends time and space. Everyone has - or may have - a meaningful function ...

... you must do what you really, really want. Hope that you have an early insight and opportunity to follow your heart and empower yourself within an area that is interesting. Then you can fill in different places throughout our complex and changeable world. One can be as good as the other. It's just fun, if you have yourself with ...

... The surroundings and not least the "captain and his crew" were crucial to the good experience. The round hall is ideal for this type of trip and I think we all felt that there is extra hole through here in this place - in the Magic Garden. I was completely safe and was accompanied with great empathy through the journey. Jacob Moth has made so many internal travels - and it is very important for new travelers that there is a person who has been there before - and knows all the variants.

It's the wildest perspective that opens after such a trip. I'm sure the world would change radically if all people were given the opportunity to go on such a journey. Mental illnesses could be cured far more efficiently. All of our materialistic ways of life would crumble, wars would cease. The same applies to our outpouring of the globe, and people would think of others before themselves - in the knowledge that giving to others also gives to themselves - since we are all the same. Nature's order could be restored. Nothing less! ... the potential is enormous ... and it is great that Jacob and Ecaterina have established a cosmic space station on earth and with this means facilitates travel in our different consciousnesses.

It has been 7 days and I constantly carry the experience in me. My calm, my faith and my love have grown - and I am very excited about what experiences the next trip will bring with me ...

In all humility -"

Casper Hamilton

A participant's experience. Absolutely mindblowing! Here is the translation in English.

My first meeting with the medicine.
I had made a long intentions list, but as I get lost on my way from the station to Kronprinsessevej, I get some wild acknowledgments that I have too much control and that I do not let myself to be guided and lead and that I need an 'ego death'. Believe me that at that time I did not know anything at all about the bodily and spiritual feeling and sensation of ego death. In the conversation with Jacob, in a final sentence I said that I might be a little afraid that I would stop breathing during the ceremony. I have never taken the medicine before and I don’t know what to expect. I think I've thought it will be some kind of a meditative state if I'm lucky. It was far from 'just' a meditative state.

My journey:

First cup:

It starts quickly. Maybe 15 minutes after I take the drink. Energy starts flowing around in my body, I get dizzy and my neck/throat gets kind of swollen. I'm starting to panic because I feel like I'm getting suffocated/choked. I don’t know anymore what is reality. A lot of Pixie-like men with blue hats living in mushrooms lead me down under the ground through the systems of underground passages. I don’t want to go down anymore, so I turn around and try to get up again, but I don’t know what's up or down. There is a whirl of network, colours, patterns. I can’t breathe, I feel like I'm suffocating and I'm afraid to die. Anxiety and fear trigger an inferno of mythological creatures. They look like insects, but still not from this world. Huge Daddy-Long-legs with strange heads, strange curved arms like peculiarly formed ferns that collapse. Creatures looking like snakes, huge green frogs. I sense and feel death, I smell death and the process of wrath and the earth surrounds me, so I get even harder to breathe. I cry inwardly for help (and ask for a lifeline physically – a helper in the room). The creepy mythological creatures drag me into the earth into the mud, and it stinks of rottenness. Death is all over the place. I see and feel my ancestors in the earth. My deceased relatives. Death. I smell it and it's everywhere, and it’s going “to swallow” me. I gasp after the air and shout to the creatures that they should leave me, let me be, that I don’t want to die, that I don’t want to leave life. I have my children and they can’t do without me. They (the creatures) don’t hear me. They pull me, tear me up, they choke and suffocate me. I'm fighting for my life.

A woman's voice is now gentle and clear in my mind. She tells me to let go. I have a dialogue with her that I do not want to let go of life and my children, and slowly I get a glimpse of that what I so stubbornly hold on to is not the real reality. She wants to show me, but I must first surrender and take my last breath and die.
The creatures are still pulling my body, I am being stung by the insects, whose poison works throughout my whole body, and I surrender. I take one last deep breath, and then I die. I feel how my flesh is falling off from my bones, I see how I am rotting and turning into dead, and at the same moment the most powerful electrical energy charge goes through me. A network of energy in the strongest glowing luminous colours that branch into the roots of/in the earth. The colours are so wild and vibrant! I'm not the body anymore, I am a part of the root net of a big tree in the rainforest. The roots suddenly turn into the hair of an elderly woman, and I now experience that I am lying with my head resting on the lap of this older wise Indian woman. I ask her if I'm dead and she says I'm in another dimension somewhere in the universe, between the worlds, life between lives, and she has created a platform / reality where we can communicate. I am lying like a fetus, a newborn baby/child who is not yet ready to go, collapsed in her lap. She has a white robe that glows white. She strings over my hair, and I feel her hair is my hair too. I can’t see where her or my hair begins or ends. I get the strongest feeling she is me and I am her. I touch my hair and feel that I become her, and with the wisdom she shows me how everything is connected. I see a lot of symbols, galaxies and systems in the systems. Universe and formulas and symbols for time and space. She shows me the whole web-of-life. It's SO beautiful, so beautiful. I am totally overwhelmed and fascinated by this beauty and wisdom, and it's almost too big for me to contain. These are the most amazing beautiful intergalactic systems that collaborate, and the earthly experience is a grain of sand in all of this. I see how time and space are flexible .... I see shapes, symbols and colours, and I can’t reproduce these experiences as there is nothing to compare them with or to. I cry out of the greatness, of joy, humility and gratefulness for this insight.

I ask who she is and she answers that I can call her 'la abuelita' (the little grandmother). I get the feeling that she can take many shapes. Suddenly she is a wolf, then she is a bright light, and again she is the grandmother. It's a calming and comforting figure. She shows me that she is mother earth, the feminine force, creative/creating force/power and ruler of the karma wheel. I'm told that I have to remember and she shows me several incarnations, where I see the connection and the main features and characteristics of my missions. I feel the connection to ALL/EVERYTHING. She is everything.
I now sense that we are in a giant tipi with a bonfire in the middle. There is dance and singing. I see the Elders from many different indigenous cultures, and they say they have been waiting for me. I'm still lying down and there is a kind of cleansing / preparation for me. To what I do not know. Then she says that I have to drink another cup since they are not done with me and I'm losing the connection to their world ... I hear all the Elders repeat her words. 'She needs to drink a cup more' ... I lose the connection and I'm back in the room and yelling out into the room: 'They say I need another cup'. I flow in and out of reality. I shout repeatedly after a cup more and I feel frustrated to be back in the 'false reality'. I want to go back to 'La Abuelita'. I wait for a while and cry over my insight, my vision. I feel how my heart is expanding. I can hardly contain the beauty and the visions.

Second cup:

I just drink another cup and a few minutes later I think FUUUCK !! No, I cannot do it anymore. I now realize that I'm back in the earthly dimension and to reach the same place, I must die again. I totally panic like the first time. I'm shouting that I have to go to the bathroom, because my ego hopes it can pull me back, but that's a really bad idea. It's all too intense. It is much better to be in the roundhall in the dark. I think I'm getting psychotic insane. I don’t know the difference between the realities. I'm shouting for a bucket but feel that it's my ego who needs it. I cling to it, as there are energies that are tearing and pulling me in all directions. The mythological creatures come again, and I am enveloped and wrapped in a strange underworld with strange shapes, colours and beings. It's a magical dreamy in-between phase, and it's scary. I am fighting for life again. I gasp for air like a fish gulps (for) water. It hurts the body as they (the creatures/beings) pull and tear me apart. I don’t want it. I can’t anymore, and I want the antidote that stops (the effect of) this drink. I really regret that I said yes to another cup. I feel that the realities change again as I am attacked by the mythological creatures. They sting, chop and bite me and I feel it all. I hear a cling. It's a fantastic sound. It is calling for and guiding me. It's all over. I see Jacob as half insect half man and a lot of other “spirit beings” who are guiding me. I think, first, that I'm guided out of the strong experience, but then I feel that I'm just getting deeper into the experience and into the underworld. Ecatarina's song is a light in the dark. An anchor in all this chaos. My ego is still fighting. And then there is the voice again. She talks to me and says I must remember. She tells me that this is not the first time I have traveled in this way.

I have done that in many incarnations, but I'm struggling to surrender. I feel like a little child fighting. She comforts and reassures me, and I let go. A giant spider sticks his sting into me ... I die, and it spins me into a cocoon. I think that's OK. It can do whatever it wants because I am dead anyway. Then I feel the safety of being in the cocoon. It is soft, white and safe. I feel that I am a fetus in the stomach of my earthly mother. So much love. I can hear her voice and I feel her love for me. In that acknowledgment, I feel that I am in a form of larval phase/state and that a big transformation is awaiting ahead. Then I'm back in the tipie and lying next to the fire, and 'la abuelita' is burning a lot of symbols into my skin, with golden light. But she looks different. She looks like an older 'spider warriorwoman' with black tattoos all over her body. It burns, but it's OK. I have to drink a lot of water or I burn (I ask my fellow sister for water and again water). It's only her energy that can/is allowed to be around me. All male helpers are sent/waved away. Some of the water I drink, and some I spit out into the bucket, as a form of cleansing. Some times I just blow/breath out into the bucket. I feel my helper in the earthly world. She holds my lower back and it creates an anchor between the two worlds, but she is also (with me) in the tipia, like an Indian Shamanist woman with a lot of tattoos allover. She is my fellow sister, and I feel the deep connection (between us) and I feel completely safe. La abuelita / spider grandmother tells me that the signs are to help me to 'remember'. I am being shown my mission in this life, and a lot of ‘shit’ in the earthly dimension. All the materialistic we build up in order not to feel and not to remember. We fill ourselves with chemistry. Ego battles. As I see it, I really don’t want to return to the earthly dimension.

That’s why I need the anchor. The hand on my lower back. The earthly plan with so many false realities and beliefs. She shows me the cause of war and destruction. She also shows me the areas where my ego plays a joke on me. She shows how I can be authentic. When I am in the heart energy and acting from my inner core, I can far better feel her and the connection. She shows me what life is about and what I have agreed to do in this life, as in many other incarnations. I am also shown how many people 'are asleep'. How the fear of life and fear of death are two sides of the same coin, which is the root of what we call hatred and evil. We must begin to connect ourselves with the heart, humanity and healing and the Earth. I see the network, and energy-wires/connections between everything and how we all are interconnected. But we feel so separate. We must remember where we come/are from and that we are connected to a giant wheel of network of connections. She shows me that a lot of diseases are about the fear of death and of “stepping out” into life and how a 'rebirth' can heal (up) those diseases. It is when we ‘fightfully hold on (to)/get stuck’ … We must learn to let go. The intoxication/the effect of the medicine is decreasing, and I feel I need to pee. I ask for help, and as I take my first step on the floor, it's like being born again and taking the first step in life. My whole body is shaking.

It is a completely wild and liberating experience. I feel clean, reborn, my breathing feels completely free, completely open. At the same time, I am vulnerable, happy, glad and humble. SO humble for the opportunity to experience this. So grateful for Jacob’s and Ecatarina's amazing mission and work, and the many dedicated helpers. I see how the roundhall works as a portal for other realities, for transformation and healing. I'm SO humbled. I remember now and I will never forget 'la abuelita'. She's part of me and I'm part of her. That's what we all have to remember.

I also got answers to everything from my intentions list and much more!
When I get home my dog ​​is the first who meets me. She is completely wild and jumps up and down, runs back and forth in circles and wants to kiss me. I remember that I felt her on my way out of my second “round of the journey”. I embrace her and feel the finest connection and love and I am so grateful that she is in my life and in our family.

The day after:

The first night I’m afraid to turn off the light when going to sleep. I'm so tired and exhausted in my body, and I can’t bear (the thought) to have to fight with more creatures in the dark. If I turn off the light maybe they will come back. In the end, I turn it off because the light keeps me awake and I surrender to sleep. I wake up early and take a shower. There in the bath I spot a woodlouse and I feel the deepest respect for this little creature and its work. It helps to decompose/break down. I'm sure I met it in the underworld during the ceremony. I have to go to Føtex. On my way there I pay extra attention to the bushes and trees. I miss the green colours and also notice the gray concrete many places. I miss the colours from the other dimension. Here everything is very faded/less vibrant/not as bright.

There are not the same colorus here as there, where the medicine brought me to. I am standing in line at the baker’s when a woman in front of me suddenly screams and jumps to the side. A big spider is running over the floor in front of her and stops next to me. While she is being disgusted over it, I lean over it and study it. It could be the spider from the second round of my journey, which otherwise was a thousand times in size. I feel so grateful. Thanks to 'abuelita' for showing me that she's right there. I feel the deepest connection to the spider.
I have many dreamlike states throughout the day. I am being talked to, and I go back and forth to the turned-on computer and note the messages down. At the same time, I need calm and to be in halfdark and to feel myself and the connection.

Thank you very much!

Dear Ecaterina and Jacob.
Yes, it's simply so incredible and magical and so crazy that I can hardly grasp it. 

I came up with a little more. That my journey was an observation.
Have a huge need to share it, so now I tell just a little more about it. And my mandala drawing that appeared to be special.
I add/attach the drawing to this email.
I observed the universe work through you all. I didn't know that I was observing, I knew something was happening/going on, but was very confused about it. I watched the things you told/said to me and helped me (with) when you came down to me. For example, feel the body, feel the heart, breathe and feel it! I observed myself lying by Pernille, where I completely let go and relaxed completely while I was observing her heartbeat. I felt almost like a little child with/by her, and my crying was a deep grief or sadness. And for the first time, I saw some colors and patterns, which I otherwise didn’t have during the ceremony. There are simply so many examples of the things I observed and which I can see now were part of the universe's way of working. And even more and more things appear and come up the more I dive into it. Many of them were even such clear signs as I see it now that I get totally mind blown every time something new pops up. All the things I observed I was supposed to take with me. I was going to use them to get the understanding of what I was observing and for understanding (of) love. I went to bed, tried to feel the heart and breathe as you taught me. It was difficult, my “inner” kept saying "stooop, you don't get anywhere with this, just give it up, it's no use trying anymore." But I kept trying, breathing and feeling (it in) the heart. Eventually there was a breakthrough. I saw my mandala drawing before me and got some understanding of it and it was so beautiful that there came tears of happiness, and it continued, I was lying almost in cramps and convulsions of tears of happiness, while I got the understanding that my soul was with me and that it was always with me and that it had been that (with me) all the time. Meanwhile, it was as if light came within my closed eyes in the dark room. The tears of happiness changed/transformed into the tears of joy and a convulsive laughter of joy, and I understood the meaning of all the little actions I had observed and really understood that there was meaning behind everything and that one would/could/can feel it in the heart if/whether you take the right path. Feeling I feel love and my heart, and when I breathe, not superficially, but deeply, I can feel the energy flowing into my body and through the heart and out again. It's an incredible feeling. I feel I can take bad thoughts I would normally have and put them through myself with my breathing and through the heart and then OUT. Completely OUT.

I have noticed that my thoughts when I am analyzing these things are thoughts that tell. I thought at first that it was myself telling others my thoughts, but it is as if it is actually myself I tell something to, unconsciously. And it feels like my soul is with me and tells me things and gives me more and more information. Last night when I was going to sleep it felt as if I was communicating with the soul, who just kept on giving me new understandings, and I had no permission to relax, I HAD TO accept/receive as much as possible before I could/was allowed to relax and sleep. It was just about being too overwhelming. All this observation thing, I got a feeling of, already started when I wrote to Jacob the first time. When I had received that kind of awakening. Have felt I was on auto pilot ever since. As if the soul was leading me. Normally I would have been extremely nervous and scared of the ceremony, but during no time/moment up to or during (the ceremony) was I scared or nervous. A little tense/excited maybe, but no nervousness. Total auto pilot. When I think back now, I think it sounds quite scary that I have been through this, and the idea of ​​doing it again is a little scary. Very funny.

I would like to share a special observation. 
After people had told about their journey and people started talking together, Ecaterina came over to me and tried to find out what I wanted or needed. She felt/touched my heart and I relaxed and tried to feel what I felt. I felt some kind of peace and I felt a blockage. Here I became aware of the blockage, and it was the blockage I chose to deal with when I got home. But there I still didn't understand it, it was all still observations and confusion. Eventually, I said that I really wanted to draw. Immediately Ecaterina grabbed firmly my arm and almost dragged me straight into the room with drawing tools, as if Nothing should and could stop her. I had doubts about what to draw as I had not (received) any visions or pictures shown to me during the ceremony, but I chose to do so, and I had no idea where to start. Just started on one thing at a time and let it fill up without thinking much about the details. I didn't give the drawing much thought afterwards or dived into it. Only after, when I was in my bed and saw the drawing before me did I choose to review it. I remembered that you talked a lot about 11 and that it had a great importance/meaning for you. So I chose to start counting things in the drawing. I started counting the stars. There were 11 stars. I started counting the free spaces in the heart prison. There were 11 free rooms. I started counting the total amount of hearts. It was 11. And around my "god" or person of love, there was a good handful of "+1" representing hearts and love. I don’t know exactly what this 11 means, but something really does have to do with 11 here!
Thank you so so much.