Nocturnal Butterfly - an inner journey.
Review by Jon Bruel.

Jacob Moth has committed an exciting autobiography of psycho - nautens self-development through the use of psychedelics .
The book has an unusual style that spectacular supports the psychedelic universe through the way words inputs are merged in changing backgrounds with psychedelic images or symbols.
On psykonautens way to a better insight, the author describes a frequent and systematic use of psychotropic drugs that will lift the eyebrows of many - even on old sixties hippies . He also describes bad trips and their effects. His adaptation of the bad trips, and the road from there to a more complete human being is very interesting reading.
The book points out several places that the described use of drugs is certainly not a universal way and can not be used by anyone . Thank you for it!
The intense work with the mind-altering substances are not alone , it is complemented , among others, by a rich work with mutual therapy ( Klaus Gormsen ) .
In his diary experiences, the author demonstrates a rigorous honesty and openness in the story that is unique . It's an honesty to the compliance of those who work with self-development or therapeutic relationship.
People who are in some way sought against a whole through the use of holistic approaches such as holo- tropical , shamanic practices , meditation, rebirthing or confirm vidsthedsudvidende substances will be inspired by the book.
For psychologists or therapists who work with people who are struggling with the aftermath of having " crash " on psychedelic substances , the book is a must.
Jon BrĂ¼el
Cand. Sc. of physics and astronomy , entrepreneur, telecommunications consultant and holotropic facilitator.