Life-transforming ceremonies

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Calender and price

14 June 6 PM - 15 June, apr. 8 PM

21 June 6 PM - 22 June, apr. 8 PM

23 August, 8 AM to apr. 8 PM

6 th September 6 PM - 7 th September, apr. 8 PM

27 th September 6 PM - 28 th September, apr. 8 PM

The price for one day is 2000 dkk. When the event is happening from friday to saturday the price is 2650 dkk. The price includes one-on-one consultations, medicine, wholesome organic and vegetarian food, shared accommodation, the ceremoni, the recorded music for later use, follow-up and a possibility for a telephone call. We also have a few seats for low income, where it is possible to get a reduced price by gardening in The Magic Garden (which is also very therapeutic), or helping in the house.

There is room for max. 12 participants, so reserve your spot in good time.
Because there are some who would like to be anonymous, and some who are not on Facebook, there are often 1 - 3 people subscribed to our events on facebook and the event is filled up. You must be at least 21 years old.

Most people choose to stay overnight in the Roundhall where the ceremony is held the following day. In addition we have 2 other rooms for overnight stay. It is also possible to set up a tent in the garden or stay overnight at the local hotel. You can also drive home in the evening if it is a 2 day event, at 9 PM and come next day at. 8 AM.

The Magic Garden offers individual, couple and group sessions. Contact us for further information, should this be of interest.

Here is how you apply and the process:

1. Write to Ecaterina at lellaecat at and we will send you the application form.
2. Fill out and send return.
We must have an application form each time you attend, with updated info and new date.
3. We may be able to accept you at the ceremony based on your written application. For more complex cases, we will arrange a call or Skype to speak through your application in detail.
4. When you are accepted, you will get the bank account where you pay for the ceremony.
5. After you paid, you will receive a confirmation and more information about the ceremony.
6. Before the actual ceremony you and Jacob will have a personal conversation when you come here, if it is a 2 days event. If you need a telephone conversation before then, you are welcome to call Jacob.
7. The ceremony.
8. After the ceremony there is follow-up and possibility of telephone conversation.
9. You get the recording of the music that we have created together during the ceremony.
10. There are ongoing events in the Magic Garden, like full moon concerts, lectures, where you have the opportunity to talk to and meet us and other participants.

Due to planning both facilitators and musicians, there is a binding registration up to 14 days before unless we find another participant in your place. This also applies to illness.