LilaRose Odyssey Part Two - The Grail Castle


LilaRose consists of the Danish composer, guitarist and singer Jacob Moth, Moldovan singer and dancer Ecaterina, and the Danish bassist and producer Sune Vang Nielsen.

The music is world rock. Energetic, poetic music inspired by the eternal philosophy, pop rock, folk and classical music. The musical style is a hybrid of Madonna's melodic power pop, Björk's catchy mystery, Peter Gabriel's cinematic landscapes, Jimi Hendrix raw nerve, Beethoven's symphonic universes and the longing soul of Moldavian folk music.

This is the second of 11 albums in the LilaRose Odyssey.
The theme of this album deals with the Grail and the Grail castle. Both as a myth and fairytale, but also about the creation and manifestation of the Magic Garden as a contemporary Grail Castle.
The Magic Garden is built by Ecaterina, Jacob Moth and Sune Vang Nielsen, the same people who created this album.
All songs from the album have a connection to a physical place in the Magic Garden.

Listen to the second song "The Quest" here.

Listen to the whole album through our Cosmology Player. You enter the Cosmology player by clicking the Enter Cosmology in Sun Wheel at the left wing of the butterfly. In the Cosmology Player you can make your own playlist. Click on the song and it comes into playlist. For each track, there are four links: video, blog, lyrics and location. Each number is associated with a specific location in the Magic Garden. This location can be both a symbol, a sculpture, an image, a location and/or a story. The music and its associated location merge together in a meaningful cosmology. Click on the video blogs to explore the track and the location that you are interested in. In the bottom right corner of the Cosmology Player the link Location Overview will show you a map of all locations.

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