Full moon healing concert the 15 th of September, 7 PM - 8.15 PM



-Would you like a completely unique experience with music and multimedia with video in 280 degrees?
-Would you like to experience a meditative state, get into a lower gear, get on a journey in your inner space?

For many, full moon is a time of extra openness, sensitivity, visions and inspiration. With our mindfulness and meditation concerts, we will through image and sound, create a powerful soundtrack for meditation and inner immersion.

-You can experience transformation, healing, magic and adventure, gain new insights and visions.

What our visitors say

"Thank you for a wonderful evening yesterday. I experienced a deep healing throughout the body, and several chakre. Experienced a deep sense of oneness with everything and I still feel it. Have slept wonderful though the night and are still deeply affected in a wonderful way. Love "
Anne-Marie Læssøe

"My first Full Moon concert in the magic garden. The experience starts the moment I step through the gate. It's like entering another dimension of being. Joy and love flows to meet me. Here I feel at home and are only present in the moment.The surroundings, music, pictures strengthens my core. I am One with All. Quite simply:) Joy, Peace and Love. The heartiest greetings and thanks."
Isalena Sana Hansen

We are looking forward to give you life-enriching and transformative experiences!

The Practical

The event takes place in Axis Mundi Studios specially constructed round hall. You also have the option to buy CDs. DVDs, books, posters and refreshments for the event. Mobile pay 24408948 and cash.


The Magic Garden
Kronprinsessevej 11
3480 Fredensborg


35 minutes. drive from Copenhagen
Airport: 47.6 km.
S train from Copenhagen to Hillerød (35 min) Train from Hillerød to Fredensborg (10 m) from Fredensborg station: 1.1 km.

Parking and place

You can park on Slotsgade and walk along Kronprinsessevej about 100 meters.
On the left hand puppets a 3 meter high tree stump up. To the right of it is that gate that leads you into the Magic Garden.

Tibet Charity

11% of all purchases at The Magic Gardens shop and physical sales for events go to Tibet Charity.