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The video showcased here gives an in-depth introduction to the retreats in The Magic Garden. It also provides basic information about the cartography of the psyche which is fundamental to understanding the therapeutic and spiritual work we are doing.


The video also gives guidelines about the way we conduct our ceremonies. It also gives you insights in the origins of The Magic Garden and how it functions as a modern temple and “cosmic space station” for journeys in consciousness.

The retreats are conducted in either Danish or English depending on the participants, and what they feel the most at ease with.

The retreats take place in our physical location, The Magic Garden, located in Fredensborg, Denmark - created over a span of 22 years, and according to Jacob's powerful vision. 


With its natural environment, spectacular building structures and symbolism, it is a particularly appropriate place to embark on inner journeys in consciousness.


The Magic Garden has been blessed by Laka Lama in 2002. Laka Lama has held several lectures here afterward.

The ceremony is conducted in an entirely unique way.

The techniques, methods, and processes have their inspiration from several traditions, including Holotropic BreathworkTM, Stanislav Grof, Tibetan Buddhism, and Indian shamanism.


We use our own experience and the physical environment to create a warm, secure and loving space, which allows the participants to experience the adventure of self-discovery and undergo deep psycho-spiritual transformation and healing.

These ceremonies focus on psycho-spiritual transformation, processing of trauma, healing, self-awareness and mystical experiences and recognition of both your own deeper nature and nature of the Universe.

The Ceremony and The Journey

The inner journey itself takes place in the Roundhall of The Magic Garden.


The basic idea of The Magic Garden is that it functions as a “cosmic space station” that connects various planes of reality.


The main building where the ceremonies take place is called Axis Mundi Studio. In connection with ceremonies and Full Moon Concerts, the Roundhall is “Axis Mundi Spacecraft”.


The Roundhall is built like the medicine wheel with carved pillars pointing towards the four corners of the world and a large Yin Yang symbol on the floor.

Axis Mundi means the world axis.


In most mythologies around the world, descriptions can be found of a world axis that stretches through the different worlds. In our Nordic mythology there is the ash tree Yggdrasil that goes from Hel, through Midgard, and up to Asgard, the kingdom of the gods.


In Axis Mundi Spacecraft, we are “psychonauts” who explore our inner space. We travel up and down the world axis, both to the Underworld, the Middleworld, and the Upperworld. Here we explore and map our inner mythological landscape.

In the quadrant between the southern and western pillar, the “spacecraft’s travel guides” are located.

In the rest of the circle, all the participants are placed. Every participant gets a blindfold and everyone has entered into a clear written agreement about keeping blindfold on, staying in the room and avoiding unnecessary physical movement during the course of the journey.

This is crucial both for safety reasons and to facilitate the deepest and most healing processes.


In powerful non-ordinary states of consciousness, the inner and outer world can become merged together. This can be a challenging experience, but we are here to take care of you.


Throughout the ceremony,we are aware of you and the others participating, and we will approach you when you need a supportive hand. We might also spontaneously approach you and do healing bodywork.

Modern Shamans

Shamans are people who live in - and have contact with - both the ordinary everyday world and other reality dimensions.


They use this ability to help others by bringing them into ecstatic states through - among other things - healing, music, art and psychoactive substances.

Our deep passion and what gives our lives deep meaning is to create as loving, supportive, optimal and safe framework as possible, allowing our participants to undergo deep psycho-spiritual transformation processes in search of daily spontaneous joy, ecstasy, and meaning.

Having worked intensively for decades with shamanistic practice combined with modern psychotherapeutic techniques, nature medicine and creating a unique place that supports the self-discovery adventure - The Magic Garden in Fredensborg - we see ourselves as "modern shamans"

The Inner Healer

The medicine is served in The Magic Garden’s “grail cup”.

A cup I made out of clay at school at the age of 11.


The medicine and the whole “setting” with the music, the Roundhall, and travel guides activate what we recognize as “the inner healer”. One can also call it the inherent wisdom of the body.


The inner healer acts as a radar that scans your psychophysical system and gives you just the experiences you need and are ready to receive.


It can be the release of old traumas, new guidelines in your life, visions, ecstatic experiences, experiences of unity, mystical experiences, etc.


Our team of experienced guides functions as midwives who help you “give birth to your own child”. Through this process, you will experience profound and transformative healing of both body and psyche.

The Music

During the ceremony, we play live music. Ever since the beginning of time, shamans worldwide have used music as the primary tool to enter non-ordinary states of consciousness.

For many years, we have specialized in creating live organic powerful music and sound landscapes

The music is created in the moment and is inspired by the shared consciousness field we create with you and the other participants.


We have “power songs” that we sing every time and you are welcome to sing along.


The music we play during the ceremony will be recorded, mixed and you will receive it some days after the ceremony. When listening to music, you can remember your insights and experiences much stronger.

Ecaterina has a powerful elf-like voice and sings with great intension and healing energy for you.


Peter Hviid plays piano and virtual keyboards.


Jacob uses his specially designed shamanic wand - a 19 stringed butterfly guitar - along with shaman drums, rattle, bells, other string instruments, and pedalboards, all connected to a music loop station.


This is merged with specially designed sampled sound landscapes in the form of nature sounds mixed with organic sound elements.


The ceremony itself lasts about 6 - 8 hours. During the landing phase, the participants paint and draw mandalas.


Expressing yourself visually is a great way to integrate the experiences from your journey. We create a circle where we share our experiences and insights. This is an important part of the process as it is very rewarding to tell your own experiences, to get feedback on them and to hear about the journeys of others.


Following this, we eat a nice dinner together. At this point, almost everybody has landed and is ready to travel home in the evening. Some few stay over the night, often because they have a big journey to make to get home (participants from Germany, Norway, Sweden).

Frequently asked questions

How do we help if some of us also play music?

When there are more people who need help at the same time, we stop playing and putting music on. Alternatively, Peter plays the keyboard and Jacob and Georg that played before help the participants. Ecaterina sings for everyone and she often keeps a traveler in hand while she sings.

How many are we?

We are a maximum of 12 people traveling, 4 experienced facilitators  and 2 - 4 experienced assistants, who will create the energetic atmosphere and framework for everyone to have a safe journey.

Why do we do the ceremony in the day?

We have made ceremonies both at night and by day. We have the best experience of doing it by day. We have a specially designed round hall that can be darkened and we also use blindfolds. The benefit of the day is, among other things, is that you are fresh and well-rested.

Here is how the daily program progresses, when we have a 2-day retreat.

The first day:



17:50 - 18:00 Arrival

18:00 - 18:30 Opening circle

18:30 - 19:15 Introduction with Jacob

19:15 - 20:00 Dinner

20:00 to approx. 21:30 Each participant personally talk to Jacob, possibly combined with a walk in the castle park.

The second day:

09:00 - 16:00 CEREMONY and integration with mandala drawing.
16:30 - 17:30 Closing circle
1:30 - (or when we are done) Dinner and rounding

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