Our Story

Ecaterina & Jacob

Soulmates and creative partners

By Jacob Moth

In 1999 I met the Moldavian songbird Ecaterina at a jam session in Helsingør, Denmark.

The joint venture of our life paths and deep love kick-started a cascade of creativity, founded in deep trust to the Creator and the Universe.


Ecaterina was born in 1978, 11 years after me, and our energies function like Yin and Yang, as

The Empress and The Emperor.


All dedicated psychonauts sooner or later experience synchronicity, and it is also so that true magic is interwoven in our entire life.


It turns out that my life tarot cards are number 0 ”The Fool” and number 4, ”The Emperor” and Ecaterina's life tarot card is number 3, ”The Empress”.


Now the creation and manifestation of the concept really started to take off. We started to work and build systematically at our place and we formed our band Lila, which later became LilaRose.

We have 4 children and a big family.


22 years after I got the vision, we finally completed it with the manifestation of the 22 tarot cards of the Major Arcana.

Here is a video showcasing the construction of Axis Mundi Studio:

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The Magic Garden IVS

Kronprinsessevej 11,

3480 Fredensborg, Denmark.

Phone: Ecaterina Moth: 23709898

mail: info@themagicgarden.dk

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