“This was a beautiful and healing experience. Ecaterina is a beautiful, empathic and compassioned human being who helped me through the whole process, so I felt completely safe and supported. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in healing and growing. Ecaterina and Jacob are very helpful and professional in every aspect.''

Natasha Beautician

''The Magic Garden is indeed a very Magic place on this Earth. There is so much love in every aspect of this place. It is like coming to a Magic Castle like the fairy tales. Join a Full Moon. concert and get a feel for the Magic Divine Energy. 
And meet Jacob and Ecaterina who share this wonderful place with us and who are an amazing inspiration with all their love and creativity. Open your Hearts and enjoy.''

Birgit Andersen

“I would like to thank the gods for the Magical Garden to be manifested here on earth.
The magic garden is magical. As simple as it is said and I know it has and will help many people on their way in life on earth. Thank you very much to the whole crew of this galactic inner journey, which I have had enormously much pleasure from and it is not the last time. The Magic Garden will see me many times.
With deep peace & balance.''

∞Allan BrΩch∞

"I have had an amazing experience with you on the 16th and 17th of March, which, to this extent, still bear fruit a month later. It has been one of the most important decisions I've taken in my life. You'll see me again soon. Much love"


Dear Ecaterina
I just want to say thank you for the thank you for the women's ceremony. It was a beautiful experience and I got so deep in trusting you as a human being and as a facilitator. You did it with so with great emotion, calm, confidence and strength.
Afterwards, I thought that I demanded you a lot in relation to everything I wanted hands and songs for! But you need to know that you have made a big difference to my body. Your energy and your tones have set in motion nice things that I still notice. I think I have more vocal power, more fullness in my breathing, and then my whole body feels softer. Especially my feet - they are warm and soft, where they are usually cold and stiff. You have healing hands :) And voice! 
Thank you very much for everything - and see you again!

Joanna Marie

"Dear Ecaterina and Jacob
''It was a fantasy journey. I feel healed and very very clear in the brain. Feels that there has been a major cleansing. The music carried me through. It was magical. Has released a lot, which does not earn me anymore. And it feels a lot, very right. Will come again a second time when the heart feels like it.
Take care. Much love "


"I am very impressed with how much loving soul and inspiration is in the magic garden both inside and outside. Ecaterina and Jacob are dedicated souls and along with their skilled therapists they send you with love on your journey and stay with you in those difficult moments, take your hand, help your soul with music and heavenly voices that make you let go of what needs to in body, soul, and spirit. I am so grateful.''

Madeliene Wiese

''Dear Ecaterina and Jacob
The ceremony was in me for months where I was filled up with the pictures and the music I remember from the journey. My mother died on the third New Year's Day, she was 91 years old, and while holding her hand for her last breath, I felt strongly that both my deceased father and brother were close and the pictures of my brother's energetic long hug during the ceremony reappeared very strongly. The ceremony opened my eyes to how much energy we are surrounded by, and the dimensions that are also around us give me great security in everyday life. That there is so much around us that will help ...I will definitely return to you one day during the new year. The ceremony has made me curious about what is more ...Thank you so much for your great and important work, I look forward to seeing you again.

Hugs and hugs from.''


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