We are Axis Mundi 


A Danish band consisting of dedicated psychonauts and shamans, who are also professional composers and musicians. Axis Mundi specializes in making music that supports profound therapeutic psycho-spiritual transformation processes. Music, which is both meditative, trance-inducing and healing. The music can be used in many contexts but is especially suited for inner journeys with technologies of the sacred.


The instrumentation stretches across the spectrum of traditional shamanic drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, etc., computer-generated synthesizer and sound samples, specially designed guitars with a built-in electric violin bow, various electronic effects and loop stations to singing and chanting. With this, we create organic transcendental audio universes.


The music is performed in Axis Mundi Studio, located in The Magic Garden in Denmark. The Magic Garden is a place where unique building constructions merge with the surrounding nature, archetypal symbolism, sculptures, and art that together form creative symbolic cartography of the psyche. A specially designed Roundhall with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment is the spacecraft of the place where Axis Mundi conducts ceremonies and perform full moon concerts. The music is created in the present during these ceremonies to support inner travelers.


Every month Axis Mundi performs livestreamed Full Moon Concerts in the Roundhall in The Magic Garden. Inspired by the archetype, vibration, and energy connected with the astrological zodiac sign which is activated by the full moon, Axis Mundi creates and composes the music in the present. Through the annual progression of the zodiac circle, Axis Mundi invites you to participate in the dance of the Universe. 


As the Universe is in constant evolution and change, so is every single concert unique. 

The audiovisual performance and high vibrational energy open a portal to a multitude of variety of experiences: healing, transformation, peace of mind, ecstasy, visions, insights and more.


The Magic Garden is based on Jacob Moth's 36 years experience of profound inner travels with the technologies of the sacred. His experiences and experiences are described in his book Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly - An Inner Journey, which has a preface by Stanislav Grof.


Our vision is that you and seekers around the planet can join our full moon concerts, live healing and ceremonies, and be part of the morphogenetic field also through cyberspace. We do hope that many will join us, so we in the co-creation of the morphogenetic field can contribute with harmonious, healing, uplifting and expanding energies to the planet. Several studies has shown that when a number of people practice meditation together they have a huge impact on the planet.

Contact Us

The Magic Garden IVS

Kronprinsessevej 11,

3480 Fredensborg, Denmark.

Phone: Ecaterina Moth: 23709898

mail: info@themagicgarden.dk

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